Chapter 9

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I was outside the borders of Lothlorien. In the huge field that seemed to stretch out forever. Me and Haldir's spot. Haldir was lying down looking at all the beautiful stars, me sitting next to him.

"What is troubling you Amber?", he asks.

"I still do not understand why Galadriel choose me to represent her for the Council."

"Maybe it is just meant to be. Why did you join the Fellowship? Am man theled?", he says sitting up and looking at me seriously.

"I know that the Lady of Light meant for me to join the Fellowship." I reply, "It must be the only way to save Middle Earth and Lothlorien. I am not sure why she choose me though."

"I remember when we first met." Haldir says, changing the subject, "Your brown hair was down, blowing in the slight breeze. You were right where you are now, with a sword beside you. It seemed strange for an elf maiden to be here. I came up to you and asked what you were doing. You said "nothing" and I knew you were lying, so I told you that."

"Then I told you the truth." I continue the story, "How my dad wanted me to come here and learn how to use his old sword. He couldn't teach me since he was always protecting the borders. Since he figured out how to fight by himself he thought I could do the same. I was truly afraid to even touch a blade."

Haldir spoke again, " Then I told you I could teach you how to use a sword and other weapons as well. You agreed. I asked what your name was and then told you mine. From that day on we came here every day to train. We became friends."

Then I talk, "You told me all the time how you wanted to protect the borders of Lothlorien like my dad. When you finally did, we saw each other less. It came to a point where I never got to see you. Until that day you came and told me I was to represent Galadriel."

"I am truly sorry about that Amber, I really am. I wanted to come back here and train with you again but I barely had any time. You did learn how to fight on your own. You are probably better then me now! Anyway the times I saw you briefly, I acted so distant. I was just scared that you did not want me around so I didn't know what to do."

"I will always want you around Haldir." I tell him straight away, "In fact I wish you were here with me now.

"I wish I was with you too. You're my best friend." he starts, "But you also know my place is here, protecting Lothlorien from the forces of Isengard and Mordor."

"You must know that the only way to rid this evil and keep Lothlorien and Middle Earth safe is to take the Ring to Mount Doom and throw it into the burning fire. The Fellowship is doing that and I am part of it."

"I really miss you Amber.", he says suddenly.

"I miss you too Haldir."

"Whatever happens on your journey, promise me you will do everything in your power to see it complete.", Haldir says, holding my gaze.

"Of course I will." I reply, "You know that I always finish what I start."

"Promise?", he asks.

"Promise.", I confirm.

I open my eyes, staring at the dark ceiling of the cave the Fellowship was staying in for the night. Gimli was on watch and looked very tired. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep again for the night. Good thing elves don't need much sleep anyway.

"Gimli" I say approaching him, "I can take over your watch. You'll need all the rest you can get to climb the Pass of Caradhras tomorrow."

"As much as I hate to admit it, you're right." Gimli grumbled, "Thanks Amber."

"Not a problem.", I reply, taking his spot.

Somehow Haldir and I met in each other's dream. We must have, however impossible it sounds. It just seemed so real.


Am man theled: Why

~Talia Spirit

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