Chapter 14

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We follow Gandalf through a doorway, running through a passageway and down flights of steps. On one flight the rest of the steps are missing. Boromir almost falls, but Legolas pulls him back in time. His torch falls through the darkness of Moria.

"Lead them on." I hear Mithrandir say to Aragorn, "The bridge is near, swords are no more use here!"

The balrog gives another roar as we continue to go down a different flight of stairs. Then we all spot a huge gap in the stairs. Big chunks of rocks tumble to the pit beneath us. Legolas leaps across as the balrog growls again.

"Gandalf!", he says, urging him to jump.

He does and lands safely across. Arrows suddenly appear out of nowhere, nearly hitting us. As I dodge a few arrows, Legolas fires and sends an orc falling off a high up ledge. Following his lead I start to shoot some orcs too.

"Merry, Pippin!", Boromir shouts as he jumps across the great distance, with the two hobbits in his arm.

As I continue shooting orcs, Aragorn throws Sam, who is caught by Boromir. Aragorn then attempts to help Gimli across.

"Nobody tosses a dwarf!", Gimli says, putting up a hand.

He jumps but almost falls back. Legolas has no choice but to pull him up by his facial hair.

"Not the beard!", he bellows.

The steps begins to fall as Aragorn moves Frodo out of danger. I help them up and the three of us stare at the wide gap. It separates us from the rest of the Fellowship.

We all hear the balrog from the hall. Stone, walls, and stairs above us collapse into the Mine, with the balrog approaching behind. Rocks fall, creating another gap in the stairs behind us. I feel the stairs tilt.

"Hang on, lean forward!", Aragorn instructs.

Frodo and I do what he says. The stairs tip to the side, where the Fellowship is.

"Jump first Aragorn!", I call.

He takes Frodo and makes it across. Just before I leap, an orc arrow pierces my right shoulder. In mid-air I feel the burning pain and yank the arrow out quickly. I almost fall into the chasm but Boromir catches me. The stairs crash to the bottom instead. Boromir lets go and we both see blood on the hand where he grabbed my shoulder. He looks at me questionably. I just shake my head and we keep on moving.

"Over the bridge, fly!", Mithrandir yells.

We run across the bridge as I leave a blood trail. Putting my bow back,  I hold my shoulder that's in agonizing pain. I try to ignore it and keep going. When the Fellowship makes it across, Mithrandir goes out half-way to the bridge and stops. A black shadow bursts through flames. It has eyes of flame and horns curled around its fiery skeleton head. It opens its mouth and fire flies out.

"You cannot pass!" Mithrandir shouts, "I am servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame Anor... the dark fire will not avail you!"

The balrog strikes Gandalf with its sword, who blocks it with his own blade. The balrogs sword breaks as light circles around Mithrandir. The balrog steps on the bridge, showing a flaming wip. Gandalf raising his sword and staff shouts,


His staff and sword hit the bridge, causing a flash of blue light. The balrog takes another step onto the bridge. Then the bridge drops, taking the balrog with it. Mithrandir turns to join us but the flaming whip wraps around his ankle. He gets dragged to the edge but clings on. Frodo tries to help but Boromir stops him.

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