Louis’ POV :

We were sitting inside together, Kristen and Harry joined us and I told them about what I’m doing to Sky “And you’re letting this happen ?” Kristen asked to Zayn, he nodded “Why not ? It’s not that bad” he said “It’s just a game you know” he continued, Harry laughed and high fived me “Good job !” he said “When did she left ?” Kristen asked “2 hours ago” I said, I realized it was pretty long just for some magazines, a shirt, a book, starbucks and ice creams “Maybe you should call her” Eleanor said as we heard someone close the door loudly “I don’t think I need to” I said as I smiled evil. Sky came inside the living room, holding 1 ice cream, her shirt and short were full with ice cream, there was ice cream in her hair, we could see she fell over cause the starbucks coffee’s were leaking in the bag and her knee was bleeding, I had to hold my laugh “Something’s leaking in your bag” Harry said as he burst into laughter “Shit !” she shouted as she quickly got the 3 starbucks coffee’s out of the bag and putted them on the table “Do you have everything ?” I questioned as I burst into laughter, she gave us a mad look “YES. I got your magazines” she said as she threw the magazines with coffee on it on the table “your shirt” she said as she threw the shirt on the table “and your stupid book !” she shouted as she threw the book also on the table “there are your starbucks coffee’s that you wanted” she continued as she pointed at the starbucks standing at the other table “and my ice creams ?” I asked her “Louis…” I heard Eleanor saying quietly, Harry still couldn’t stop laughing, same for Zayn, she walked to me “here’s YOUR ice cream !” she shouted as she smashed the ice cream against my shirt “oooooh” I heard Harry and Zayn shouting at the same time, she gave Zayn a mad look and left to her house “I think I pissed her off” I said after few seconds awkward silence and looking at my shirt “No really ?!” Eleanor shouted “That was just over the top Louis.. She fell over, she paid for all this stuff, the only thing that’s still okay is your book” she continued, “I think I’mma go to her” Zayn said carefully “and I think it’s better you leave her alone now” Kristen said and Eleanor nodded “put another shirt on” Eleanor said as she giggled, I got up and switched from shirt. Eleanor cleaned the spots with water, I tried to save the magazines and gave Zayn and Harry a starbucks as no one else wanted them, Eleanor also cleaned the new shirt.

Sky’s POV:

I’m so pissed, I’m lucky my parents aren’t home at the moment. I quickly took a shower and putted a sticking plaster on my knee as the doorbell rang, I didn’t opened it first but they kept ranging so I decided to open it. I saw Zayn standing, I turned around and just walked inside again, he could enter by him selves “Babe” he said “Go laugh with your ‘babe’ together with your friends” I said as I turned mad around “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have laughed at you..” he said as he came closer and held my waist “It’s not cool Zayn, I fell over, I looked like a total mess and you were just laughing at me. You didn’t even told Louis to stop” I said as I turned my head away “I know, I’m a bad boyfriend.. And I think you looked cute” he said as he kissed my cheek and smiled “It was not cute at all, and yes you’re a bad boyfriend” I said as I smiled bit, he pulled out a little box and opened it, I looked at it, I’ve never seen such a beautiful necklace in my entire life “I didn’t buy you this to say sorry, I bought it already few days ago, but I never found the good moment to give it, but since I’m a bad boyfriend, I thought it’d be a good moment to give it now” he said as he smiled, got the necklace out of the box and hanged it around my neck,  I smiled at him “You’re not a bad boyfriend” I said as I wrapped my arms around him “It’s beautiful” I continued “I searched for a necklace as beautiful as you are, so I had search really long, cause it’s pretty hard to find something that shows only the half of how beautiful you are” he said, I smiled widely and kissed him passionately, he smirked and bited his bottom lip, I was always dying when he did that “stop it” I said as I blushed, he kissed me again and bit later we both went back to their house were Louis and Harry both apologized and Louis tried to pay me back “Here the money” he said the whole time “It’s okay Louis, I don’t need your money” I replied as I smiled “C’mmn I feel bad. Let me pay you back” he continued “No, you should feel bad bud” I replied, he turned around as I got up and hugged him from behind “You don’t have to pay me to make it up, I can’t stay mad at you though” I said as he smiled and hugged me back “I’m sorry, it was over the top” he said, I laughed “No really ?” I questioned as I sat back next to Zayn.

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