Emma’s POV :

Next day, I went home. I didn’t slept last night, I’ve been sitting on that bench until 9am. I went inside, Sky and Zayn were sitting in the couch, I looked down and sighed. Zayn gave me a weak smile, but Sky looked really mad “I’m so disappointed in you” she said “I didn’t knew you were like this. Cheating on your boyfriend with your best friend her boyfriend. That’s so low, really. I thought you were better than that, but obviously you’re not. I don’t want to see you anymore. I’m moving in with Zayn for a while” she said as she and Zayn got up, she walked against me, took her bags and they both left. I went upstairs and took a hot shower. I put a sweatpants on, put my hair in a messy bun and went to bed. I laid there for hours, crying while I was listening to some music, staring at the ceiling. The doorbell rang, I didn’t open it. They kept ranging it so I decided to open it. I went downstairs and opened the door “Hey” he said, it was Sam. He probably heard about what happened and that’s the reason why he was here “Hey, sup ?” I asked “Can I come in ?” he asked, I shook my head “I’m sorry, I’m not really in the mood for a talk, I’m tired” I replied, he pushed me aside and walked to the living room, I rolled my eyes, closed the door and followed him. He didn’t have the right to do like this to me, if I don’t want to talk, I don’t want to. “What’s your problem ?” I asked “I heard about you and Niall” – “Yea, thought so. Well start shouting at me, start hating on me. My life’s a mess right now, so I don’t care what everyone’s thinking. I’m used to it” I said, he looked at me “You know I would never hate on you and never shout at you. I just came to check if you were alright” I nodded “Like I sad, I don’t want to talk. With anyone” I said, he gave me a weak smile “I get it, if you want to talk just text me and I will come over” he said as he let himself out. I sighed as I laid down in the couch. Only two minutes later, the doorbell rang, again. I sighed. I thought it was Sam again, he better leave me alone. I want to be alone, I don’t want to see anyone, I don’t need help. I started this mess, I need to fix it when I’m ready for it. They rang the doorbell plenty times “Argh ! I’m coming !” I shouted as I got up and opened the door. What was he doing here ? He knew he doesn’t have to come and really not after everything that happened. “What are you doing here ?” I asked him, Niall looked at me with his blue eyes “We need to talk” he replied “Not now” – “Another time maybe” I said “When do you want ?” he asked “I’ll text you, but don’t expect it too soon. I got nothing to say though. That kiss didn’t mean anything” I replied “I know, and alright. I’m staying at the Hilton hotel” he said as he turned around and walked away, I sighed as he stopped walking “I’m sorry I got you into this” I gave him a weak smile and watched him walking away. I was about to close my door when I saw Gina walking outside, she looked at me. She looked terrible and gave me a mad look. I sighed as she mouthed “Bitch” to me, I rolled my eyes and smashed the door. This pissed me off. I went upstairs again, plugged my ears in and listened to my Ipod as I was staring at the ceiling, thinking about everything that happened the last months and how I’d solve it.

Gina’s POV:

Couple days went by. I didn’t reply to Niall’s texts. I really miss him, but he hurt me so bad. I thought he really loved me, I never thought he’d be doing something like this. But I didn’t expect it from Emma neither, she was supposed to be my best friend, but best friends don’t do things like that, so I bet whole our friendship was fake. My eyes were tearing up by thinking of it. I sat in the couch, my arms wrapped around my knees staring in front of me. I felt someone rubbing my arm, I turned my head and looked at Eleanor, I gave her a weak smile “Are you alright ?” she asked, I shook my head as a tear rolled down my cheek, she put her arm around me and held me close, I started to cry, again. “Shh, everything will be alright love” she said, I shook my head “It won’t. I miss him so much, but I’m so mad at him” – “I understand, that’s normal. It needs time, but when you’re ready for it I’m sure you both will be together again” she said. We walked since we were home alone, cause the lads were having a concert right now. I’m wondering how it’s going, cause Niall is there too. I hope Liam won’t hit him again, I would hear about it when they get home. Eleanor and I decided to watch some comedy’s, hoping I’d feel better. I did for a while, but not for long. The movie was only playing for half an hour and I wasn’t focusing anymore. I was thinking of how Niall and I were supposed to watch movies too while we were cuddling in the couch, or teasing each other, like throwing popcorn. Eleanor her laugh broke my thoughts, she looked at me cause I wasn’t laughing, “I’m sorry. I was thinking of something” I said as I smiled slightly “Is that something called Niall ?” she questioned, I nodded, she sighed and concentrated back on the movie. My phone vibrated, I saw “Niall” appearing on my screen, I stared at it for couple seconds than I decided to read it. “Hey, please answer. I need to see you so I can explain everything. The kiss isn’t what you’re thinking ! I love you and I always will. I didn’t asked to marry you without a reason. I’m happy when I’m with you, you need to listen. Please, I miss you” I sighed and deleted the text as I put my phone away. I’d really like to reply and meet up, but I just can’t. He needs to know that he can’t fix it just by sending me texts. He hurt me too much.

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