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Emma's POV:

As soon as we arrived at the restaurant, we got to our table and ordered our food. People were staring at us, because he's Liam Payne from One Direction. I felt uncomfortable "Is it me, or is everyone looking at us ?" I questioned, Liam laughed "It's definately not you" he said as he looked around, I laughed bit "I was really suprised what my dad said.. I didn't knew he would do that" I told him, Liam smiled "First I was scared of your dad" I started laughing "But after all, I think he's not that bad" he continued, I smiled "He's just so focused on his work you know. It's coming in the first place, same by my mom, but I don't know why it doesn't bother me she's doing the same.. She talks more to me and Sky you know, she cares more about us.." I said, Liam shook his head "Your dad really cares about you Emma, he really does.. But he's just playing his dad role, you know what I mean ? Dad's are supposed to get it hard to let their daughter go" Liam said, "I know, but sometimes it's so annoying.. Like how he acted to you in the backyard today " I sighed, Liam laughed "Well, if I would see my daughter playing with water in my backyard and a shirtless boy wrapping his arms around her, I would've react the same" Liam said "That's something guys have" he continued "Well obviously" I said as he laughed. We started talking about all different things, and we had a really good time at the restaurant. When we ordered our dessert, he started about a subject I never dared to talk about, him being famous.. "Doesn't bother it you, that I'm Liam Payne ? Like from the famous One Direction band ?" he asked, I smiled bit "I always wanted to talk about it, but I didn't dare cause I thought it would seem like I just like you because you're in the band" I answered "That's not true, cause you didn't even know who I was" Liam laughed which made me laugh too "Yeah, you're right" I said "But does it bother you ?" He asked again "No, not really to be honest.. I don't really care if you're famous or not, I like you the way you are" I said and as I said that he started smiling "You know, we have to be at a talk show tomorrow "Good morning UK" at 8am" he said "So I won't make it too late tonight" he said careful "It's alright, I understand" I replied "And it has been a long but good day though, so I think I'll get in bed early so I can watch "Good morning UK" I continued and we both smiled "You're gonna watch it ?" he asked "Yeah of course" I replied, "Together with Sky, or alone" I said. We ate our dessert talking about his fame, and than we decided to go home. It was already 11pm, and we didn't want to make it any later. We walked outside as he layed his jacket around me and we were just laughing about our subject: His spoonfear. "Everybody has a fear about something, mine is spoons" he said as I burst out in laughter again, we both got in the car and drive us home. "What are you afraid of ?" he asked, "Well, I got a whole list" I said "I'm listening" he replied "I have a fear of spiders, like when I see one I start crying and I almost faint" I told him "Wauw, that's like a huge one. I'll save you than" he said "Yea, you should !" I said as I laughed "I'm also bit afraid of dogs, like big dogs scare me." I said he laughed bit "I'll buy you a dog for your birthday" he said teasingly "Alright, I'll give you a box full of spoons than" I said with a huge smile on my face "Really funny Emma, really funny" he said as we both laughed. We arrived at home, he parked his car in front of his house. We both got out and looked at each other "Thank you for today" I said "Like helping me with the house and than tonight, I had a great time" I continued, he started smiling "You're welcome, I had a great time too. I had so much fun today, we should hang out more often" he said, I liked the idea of that. "Yeah we should" I said as I started smiling widely "You should go to bed, I'll see you on TV than" I said as I handed him his sweater "Yeah, don't make it too late, you look tired" he said as he winked , "Believe it or not, but I am tired" I said, he kissed my cheek softly "Goodnight sweetheart" he said, my cheeks were coloring red. "Sweet dreams" I said as I walked to my house and before I got inside I waved at him. I walked to the living room and saw my parents watching some TV "Hey sweetheart, how was your night ?" my dad asked, I smiled "Good, we had absolutely a great time together. When we walked inside the restaurant everyone was staring at us" I said as I laughed bit "They're on 'Good morning UK' tomorrow, so I'll be up early." I continued "Did he kissed you ?" my mom asked curious, "No.. And it doesn't really matter, I mean, we had so much fun tonight and we've been laughing a lot. We will see what happens next" I said "We will be looking at 'Good morning UK' from our work, cause we already have to leave at 7am. Long day for tomorrow" my mom said, "Alright, is Sky already sleeping ?" I questioned "I don't know, she went to her room around 10pm so maybe she is" my dad replied "Alright, goodnight" I said as I walked to my room. Oh no, this couldn't be true. Everything was still in boxes, I got my PJ's on and heard my parents coming upstairs "Mom" I whispered "What's wrong ?" she whispered back, "everything is still in boxes, I'mma sleep in the couch" I said, "So will you please be quiet when you get up ?" I asked "Sure sweetheart, goodnight" she said, I smiled, took few blankets, got downstairs and layed down in the couch as I looked around. It look pretty here, we did a great job. This was my new home, and maybe, I might like it.. I turned my alarm on at 7.55am as I didn't want to get up too early. I turned the lights off and fell asleep.

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