I texted Sky asking for their address.
Only 15 minutes later I arrived at their mansion and knocked on their door. Louis was the one to  open it. He smiled at me. "Are you alright ? Come on in." he said. I nodded, he was about to say something when Sky came to us together with Harry.

"Dad said you can hang out here if you want to" I told her "if that's okay for you of course" I continued and looked at Harry and Louis. Harry nodded and Louis smiled. "Maybe we can ask Niall and Liam to hang out ?" Louis asked "YES !" Harry and Sky shouted together.

I haven't met Liam or Niall before, I was both excited and curious to meet them.

"Our other friends are coming as well, we're meeting them at the beach." Louis said.

Sky was pretty excited to tell more people about her exciting life.

15 minutes later we left to the beach in Dover, it was pretty cold so we made a bonfire. We were only there for 10 minutes before the others arrived, there were 6 girls and 3 boys.

The girls were absolutely stunning, when I looked at them I felt ugly. There were 2 younger girls, I guess they were the same age as Sky, the other 3 were bit older than me I guess.

I greeted Zayn, Niall and Liam. Liam is definitely a good looking guy, I was even blushing.

Harry stood up and kissed a girl with brown, curly hair, she looked cute and was really beautiful. So I assume she was Harry's girlfriend.

Niall was holding another girl her hand, she had black hair and had such a pretty face, I was jealous. Louis kissed a tall girl, she looked PERFECT.  So one of the other two must be Liam's girlfriend. I don't know, but the thought of Liam having a girlfriend made me sad. 

"So, I think it's better we introduce everyone to each other." Louis said. He pointed at the girl who was sitting next to him, his girlfriend: "This is Eleanor, my bird" he said really proud. Then he pointed at the girl who was sitting between Eleanor and Harry, his girlfriend. "That's Bo, Harry's girlfriend." I smiled friendly at her.

"That's Gina, Niall's girlfriend." She seemed a really lovely girl, I think we're gonna have a good time together "Hi" she said friendly and smiled at me.

"That girl over there, that's Kristen. She's Zayn's best friend." She had short brown hair. She seemed a sweet girl too, they all did.

"That's Paige, Liam's younger sister." Louis pointed at a girl with curls and beautiful brown eyes. She actually looked like Liam. "And the last girl, that's my little sister, Kate!" he said proudly. "So are you thinking about introducing them or what ?" Kate said with the most cutest voice I ever heard !

"I'm Sky" Sky said friendly, typical something for Sky to introduce herself. "I'm her younger sister" she continued. "And that's Emma, Sky's sister." A beautiful voice said, I haven't heard that voice yet. I turned my head and I looked right into Liam's eyes. I think I stopped breathing for few seconds, I wish those 5 seconds our eyes met would last forever. I smiled and turned my head back to the others "Hi, nice to meet you." I said quietly, shy again. Sky started talking to Kate and Paige, it seemed they liked each other. Harry went for a walk with Bo, they looked really cute together. I felt alone, everyone was talking to someone and I just sat there. How I hated it. "Hi, are you shy ?" a sweet voice asked, I looked at her and saw it was Gina, I smiled. 

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