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“Is here family from Paige Payne ?” the doctor asked “Yes, I’m her brother” Liam replied “Your sister is alright, she has broken a leg, but she’s doing fine. You can see her soon” Liam sighed happily “Family from Kate & Louis Tomlinson ?” the doctor asked “No.. But I’m Louis’ girlfriend” Eleanor said “They’re both alright. Kate has a light concussion. Louis had an operation cause he had an internal injury, but they’re both doing good” he said, Sky hugged Eleanor “And family from Harry Styles ?” he asked quietly “I’m his girlfriend” Bo said. Since everyone was doing fine, we expected Harry was doing fine too. “Can you come with me for a second please ?” the doctor asked seriously, Bo looked worried and they walked to the other side of the hall, we were all staring at them. We saw Bo burst out in tears, the doctor calmed her down and kept talking. She nodded and came back “What’s wrong with Harry ?” I asked, she took a deep breath “Harry’s heart stopped beating. But they gave him a heart massage, which made his heart beating again. He had couple internal injuries, so had had superior operations. He didn’t wake up after the last operation, his heart stopped beating again and now he’s in a coma and the doctors aren’t sure if he will ever wake up again..” she said as she burst into tears, I pulled her into a tight hug and held my tears. “I’m able to see him right now” she said as she turned around and walked away with the doctor. I stood there, I couldn’t hold my tears anymore, Liam held my waist from behind “Babe, are you alright ?” he asked, I nodded and wiped my tears “Yes, errm. I’ma call Niall and Gina, they should know” I said as I went outside. It was raining, I took my phone, called Gina and explained her everything. She and Niall were packing and were about taking the first plane back to the UK. I sat on a bench, in the rain, staring in front of me. I could cry now, no one would see my tears. Zayn joined me and lit a cigarette “Do you want one ?” he asked, I shook my head “No thanks. I don’t smoke and you shouldn’t neither” I replied “I know. I’m trying to quit for your sister” he said, I gave him a weak smile. “Are you alright ?” he asked, I pulled up my shoulders “I’m fine” I said as I shivered. I was soaked “You should go back inside” he said, I shook my head “Waiting inside is driving me insane” I said, Zayn got up and put his jacket around me “I’m going back inside though. It will keep you warm for a while” he said as he smiled weakly and went back inside. I pulled my knees up and wrapped my arms around my legs. I sat there for hours standing in front of me, thinking about Harry..

Bit later Zayn and Sky came outside, holding hands “We’re going home.. Bo is with Harry, Eleanor is with Louis and Liam is with Paige” Sky said, I nodded “You should come with us, there’s nothing you can do here right now” she continued, I shook my head as I got up and handed Zayn his soaked jacket “No, Liam needs me right now. I’m staying” I said “He’s with Paige right now and only family can visit them” she said “I’ll wait on the hall” I said as I went inside and waited on the hall. I put my hair in a messy bun and waited for hours. IT was already past 6AM and I still didn’t saw Liam, Eleanor or Bo. I sighed and waited again. 3 hours later, Liam finally came outside the room, he had a little smile on his face when he closed the door, but it disappeared when he saw me “What are you doing here ?” he asked “I was waiting for you” I replied “Did you wait here the whole night ?” he asked in shock, I nodded “I thought you were home with Zayn and Sky” he replied, I shook my head “I’m so sorry” he said as he took a seat next to me, wrapped his arm around me and kissed my head “I fell asleep on Paige her bed” he continued “It’s alright” I replied “What did Gina said ?” he asked “They’re on the plane back home. They should arrive around 8pm tonight” I said as I let my head resting on Liam’s shoulder “How’s Paige doing ?” I asked “She’s fine. She can go home tomorrow. I called my parents and they’ll be here tomorrow at 10AM to take Paige home for couple days” he said, I smiled weakly “That’s good to hear” I said “Yeah, in contrast with Harry she has nothing..” he said “You don’t have to compare with Harry’s situation.. Everyone’s situation is bad..” I replied, he sighed “But still.. I don’t wanna lose one of my best friends” he said, I faced him and laid one hand on his cheek as I rubbed his cheek and looked into his eyes “Liam, Harry’s a fighter. He’s a strong lad and everything will be fine with me, trust me” I said, Liam leaned over and we kissed. “What would I do without you ?” he asked as he winked, I smiled slightly “I wouldn’t know” I said, he chuckled “But I’ma see Paige now.. I promised her I wouldn’t stay away for long” he said, I smiled “Alright” I said, he pecked my lips few times “You should go home” he said, “No, I’m staying here” I relied, he got up and walked back into her room. I asked a doctor more information about Kate, Louis and Harry. He told me Kate and Louis were fine, that their parents are here right now, he said he couldn’t say anything about Harry’s situation, so he left me standing there with so many questions in my mind. I spend the whole day waiting in the hospital, I didn’t saw anyone. Sky and Zayn stayed at home cause we couldn’t see any of them yet. I couldn’t wait to see Gina and Niall again, they were Liam and I our best friends, we got along very well and I missed both of them so much.

Gina’s POV:

Me and Niall were on the plane back to the UK. We were so shocked after Emma her call. Louis, Harry, Paige and Kate in the hospital.. Emma said they were all fine apart from Harry, I really hope we wouldn’t lose Harry.. One of Niall’s best friends.. We couldn’t wait to be in the UK back with our friends. It’s like this flight will never end. We’re only flying for 4 hours and it seemed we’re already flying for 12 hours..

Zayn’s POV:

Sky and I were sitting home watching some TV. Emma or Liam still didn’t came home. Neither did Eleanor and Bo. Emma hasn’t slept or ate in the past 26 hours. Emma texted telling us she’d wait there until Liam’s coming home, she also told everything she knew about Paige, Kate and Louis since no one wants to say something about Harry’s situation. I’m so scared, I don’t want to lose one of my best friends.. It was really quiet at home, me and Sky weren’t talking a lot, I guess we were both thinking about everyone in the hospital. I’m wondering how Gina and Niall would feel right now, they probably can’t wait to be back here with all their friends.

Emma’s POV:

I felt really weak. I haven’t slept or ate anything in less than 24 hours. I could barely keep my eyes open. Liam came outside the room and kneeled in front of me “Babe, are you alright ?” he asked, I looked at him as I nodded weakly “No, you’re not” he said “Come on, we’re going home” he said “Gina and Niall will arrive in an hour” he continued. I got up but I got so dizzy I lost my stability, Liam caught me up “Hey, wow. Maybe you should see a doctor” he said,  I shook my head “No, no. I’m only tired and I haven’t ate in 24 hours” I said, Liam’s jaw dropped “We need to go home, fast. Before you end up in the hospital too” he said as he carried me in his arms, I let my head rest against his chest.

When we arrived home Sky and Zayn were watching TV. “Hey ! You’re finally home” Zayn said as they both looked at us, “What happened with her ?” Sky asked as she looked at me “She didn’t ate or sleep in 24 hours” Liam said, I smelled food. Someone was obviously cooking. Liam noticed it too “Who’s cooking ?” Liam asked “Harry’s and Louis’ their mum are here” Zayn said “They want to take care of us until everything’s going better again” he continued, Liam smiled “That’s sweet” he said as he looked at me “Are you able to walk ? Or do you want me to carry you upstairs ?” he asked “I’m fine” I replied as he sat me down on the ground and we walked to the kitchen, holding hands, where we met their mum “Hey” Liam said, they faced us and both pulled Liam into a tight hug. They introduced themselves to me and I introduced myself to them. “Are you alright lovely ?” Jay asked “She’s not, that’s one of the reasons we came home” Liam said as he stroked my hair “How are you ?” I asked as I looked to both of them, they sighed “I’m better” Jay said, I looked to Anne, her eyes were tearing up, I rubbed her arm and pulled her into a tight hug “Everything will be fine, Harry’s a strong lad. He’s a fighter. He’ll get through this, don’t give up.” I said, she smiled weakly “Yeah, you’re right” she said “You both better get some sleep right now, I’ll put your dinner in the fridge for later” she continued as she smiled. Liam and I went upstairs, switched into “PJ’s” and got into bed. My head was resting on his shirtless chest as he was stroking my hair “Now I won’t see Gina and Niall” I said “You’ll see them tomorrow and your health is more important right now” Liam said. Bit later we both fell asleep.

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