A week later

Emma’s POV:

Everything was going better, I finally gained weight again, I was hanging out with Gina and Sam like almost everyday. I had my moments when I felt down because I miss Liam, but bit later I felt better again. I didn’t hear Liam a lot but I decided that I’ve tried enough, that it was up to him now.

It was a rainy day today, I was reading a book as I noticed it was almost time to go to gym, I got ready and left. “Hey, want a ride ?” Liam questioned from the moment I closed my door, I looked up to him, my heart was beating faster “Erm, that’d be nice” I stuttered as I got in his car and drove to the gym. “You’re going to gym too ?” I questioned, he chuckled “No, I’m going to the story” he said, I smiled. He stopped the car in front of the gym “Hey, I was thinking.. Maybe we can do something together ?” he questioned, I smiled “Yeah sure” I replied “What would you like to do ?” he questioned as I got out, “Surprise me” I replied as I closed the door and quickly went inside.

When I got home Sky handed my a little paper:

“Hey, you told me to surprise you. Well here it is, come to the London Eye ate 8pm (; wear your favorite dress. Be there <3 Liam”

I smiled reading the paper, Sky looked at me “Liam ?” she questioned, I nodded as I handed her the paper. I cooked dinner for Sky and I. I already told Gina about the paper Liam left, she was really happy. It was almost time to leave so I got ready and took a taxi to the London Eye. When I arrived I looked for Liam. I spotted him sitting on a bench, I walked up to him “Hey” he said as he kissed my lips, I was bit overwhelmed by this. “Hi” I quietly said “You look gorgeous” he said, I blushed “So do you.. As usual” I replied. He hired a cabin in the London Eye for both of us, there was a blanket on the floor, one candle, rose leafs and champagne. We got in and settled down, he gave me some champagne “I hope you’re not afraid of heights” he said, I chuckled “Not really, I’m a brave girl” I said. When we were at the top, the weel stopped for couple minutes. “I almost lost you again..” he said, I sighed “I’m sorry” – “It’s not your fault.. But I can’t live without you anymore, I care too much about you to let you go.. And I wanna make sure I won’t lose you anymore..” he said as he stood up, I smiled slightly as my eyes were tearing up “It’ won’t happen again, I promise..” I said, he pulled out a little box and opened it “You only can promise me if you say yes..” he said, he sat down on one knee “Emma, would you please give me the honor to become your husband ?” he asked insecure, I smiled widely and cried slightly “Y-yes.. Yes !” I stuttered as got up and wrapped my arms around him. He lift me up and pulled me into a tight hug followed by a passionate kiss, later he put the ring around my finger. I can’t wait to be mrs. Payne.. Emma Payne I kept repeating in my head.

We walked next to the river, holding hands. My head was resting on his shoulder “Will we get married soon ? Or are we also gonna wait like Gina and Niall ?” he questioned “How sooner I can become mrs.Payne how better” I said as he stopped walking and held both my hands “So you mean our marriage will be soon ?” he questioned “Y-yes.. If that’s alright for you” I replied, he smiled and took my face between his hands “I wish it could already happen tomorrow” he said as he gave me a passionate kiss.

We went home, he slept over at my place. We decided to tell the other tomorrow.

“Take a seat” Liam said to everyone. “What’s wrong ?” Niall questioned “We need to tell you something” he said, I was dying inside. I was so nervous for their reaction. Liam noticed it, he took my hand and stroked it with his thumb. “I asked Emma to marry me last night, and she said yes” he said, Gina immediately jumped up with a huge smile on her face and hugged Liam and I at the same time. I had a huge smile on my face, everyone congratulated us “Why this fast ?” Sky questioned “Because I almost lost Emma 2 times and I wanna be sure she’ll be mine forever” Liam said. The next day we went to Liam’s parents and told them about it. “That’s great ! I don’t know what to say !” his mom said as she cried slightly, she was really happy about it. I had to call my parents cause they told me they couldn’t come over even tho I told them it was important. My dad didn’t say anything about it, he just gave the phone to my mom. My mom was happy for us. She said we had to let her know when the marriage was so she knew when she had to come over on time.

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