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When we arrived his mom had a huge smile on her face, which would disappear soon. “We have to talk mom” Liam said serious, we all took a seat as Liam started explaining everything. His mom her reaction was so shocked, she didn’t say anything for the first minutes. “You’re lying” his mom said “He’s not” I directly replied, defending Liam “He’s speaking the truth. This is what they want, they wanna make his life miserable. They took him away from me. You have to believe him. He would never lie about that” I continued, she sighed and looked at me than back at Liam “I’m sorry.. I believe you.. What are you gonna do now ?” she questioned as he pulled up his shoulders “We will just keep playing this game for few more days, and than we will see” I said “I don’t wanna be with her, I wanna be with you” he said, I sighed “It will be over soon” I said as I smiled slightly.

The next days I was working in the Superdry store. I was working from 2pm till 6pm and in the evening I was just watching some tv. Still ignoring everyone pretending like Liam and I never talked. I didn’t hear anyone, it’s like I don’t have a life. I was still not talking to Sky. I felt alone, really alone. I had no friends, I never saw my parents and I wasn’t talking to my own sister, but it wasn’t that hard since she was everyday hanging out with the lads and sleeping over there.

I woke up Saturday, I didn’t work in the weekends, I woke up at 1pm as I saw Sky as soon as I opened my door “Good morning” I said, her face lit up when she heard my voice “Morning” she said, I smiled at her and walked downstairs and turned the tv on, she followed me “Mind turning the tv on Channel 8 ? The boys are on it right now” she said, I switched onto Channel 8 “thanks” she continued as she took a seat next to me. It was their first talk show since everything happened. They were talking about their album, about their video’s on youtube, about facts and there was it.. A picture of Liam and Caitlin, I swallowed as I saw the picture appearing on the screen “Bitch” I mumbled, I heard Sky giggling “How’s the relationship between you and Caitlin right now ?” the talk show host asked “Errm, fine” Liam replied slightly “What’s this than ?” the host questioned as a picture appeared from me walking against Liam while I was crying in the store the other day “oh my God” I shouted as I covered my head in my hands “You looked terrible” Sky mentioned, I gave her the wtf look “What ?” she questioned “Thanks for mentioning” I said as I concentrated back on the tv “Errm..” Liam said, Niall whispered something in his ear, Liam looked down “Oh God..” I said quietly. Liam sighed deeply “It’s not what everyone’s thinking. Me and Caitlin aren’t dating in real. Her parents threated me and told me I had to pretend that I was dating her. I didn’t want to cause I love Emma, but I couldn’t do anything else. By saying this I wanna tell everyone I never loved Caitlin and I never will. This game broke me and Emma, the girl I was dating before everything happened. And she’s not even mad at me anymore, I still love her. I can’t forgive myself I did that to her. I never meant to break her, I’d never hurt the girl that means so much to me. I love Emma and not Caitlin” he said as some tears rolled down his cheeks, I couldn’t help it but I was crying too. The crowd, the hundreds of fans who were standing outside, the host, they were all looking shocked “By this Caitlin, it’s over between you and Liam and you should leave all of us alone. You made enough damage” Niall said. They talked about it, but Liam didn’t say anything, I got up and ran outside, Sky followed me “where are you going ?!” she shouted “I’m going to Liam” I said as I got in the car, Sky joined me “You’re wearing your PJ’s” she said as I drove to the studio’s as fast as I could “I don’t care” I said.

I parked the car, I tried to get in but the security stopped me so I had to wait outside together with hundreds of fans, some of them recognized me which was kinda embarrassing. 15 minutes later the boys came outside, first Niall followed by Zayn and than Liam as soon as I saw him I made my way through the crowd “Liam !” I shouted, he looked in my direction as I ran to him, he lifted me up as I wrapped my arms and legs around him and pulled him into a tight hug. We were both crying. He sat me down on the ground and I wiped his tears “I saw the show, everything will be fine” I said, he started into my eyes, took my face between his hands and pressed his lips on mine in front of everyone, I smiled as I fell our lips touching and kissed him back. He hugged me again “I missed you so much” I said as I cried slightly “I missed you too. I’m so sorry” he said “No, no don’t say that” I took his face between my hands, I rubbed his cheeks with my thumbs as he pressed his forehead against mine “It’s not your fault. I love you Liam, no one can break this” – “I love you too” he said as he pecked my lips few times, everyone was smiling.

Liam and I drove alone back to my house as the others were having lunch at Mc Donalds. We couldn’t keep our eyes of each other, I was only scared of my parents their reaction. They were so mad at him for doing that to me. “Emma ?” I heard Liam shouting slightly, I shook my head “Yes ?” I questioned, he giggled “Are you alright ?” he asked “Yeah I’m fine. I was just thinking of how my parents will react” I replied “Mhm” he mumbled.

When we arrived I took a shower while Liam was cooking. I turned on some sweatpants, I wasn’t going outside anyway, I want to spent some time with my boyfriend. When I got downstairs we ate in the backyard, talking and laughing, we took a swim in my pool and watched a movie.

I heard my parents coming inside, my head was resting on Liam’s chest as he was stroking my hair. I looked at the time and saw it was 7pm, the time flew today. “We’re home” I heard my mom shouting as she entered the living room and looked at me and Liam “Well well well” she said while my dad joined her “Big love again ?” he questioned “Hi. Nice to see you too” I said “Hi..” Liam said awkwardly, I giggled as he poked my side “Yes it’s big love again, it never stopped” I said “You already forgave him?” my dad questioned “Yes. I listened to what he had to say and I understood it” I replied “I’m happy for you” my mom said as she smiled and walked to the kitchen “So am I. Take care of my daughter, don’t do that again” my dad said as he winked, Liam shook his head “Definately not” he replied, my dad also left to the kitchen and both my parents started cooking. Liam looked at me “That went well” I said as our eyes met “Better than I expected” he replied “Yeah” I said he leaned over and we kissed.

Liam stayed for dinner and after dinner we went to the cinema’s. Liam slept at my place and a lot happened that night… 

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