A few weeks passed by, today there was a party by the Collins their new house. It was finally done. I've been working everyday there, I haven't seen Liam the last week cause they were really busy with the band and since I was spending every hour of the day at Tim's house I didn't had the time to see him. But today, he was going with me. "I'm gone !" I shouted "Where do you think you're going ?" my dad questioned "To the Collins" I replied as I showed my head in the kitchen "Not a chance." he said "And may I ask you why not ?" I said as I gave my dad a mad look "Me and your mom took a day off today." he said "So we're doing something together as a family" he continued "I can't. The Collins their house are done and there's party" I said "Without you" he replied "I've been working there for a month, I spend EVERY hour there. I AM going" I said "You can't. Cause we have a family trip today" my dad replied, he wasn’t even facing me, just looking in his news paper "without me" I said "I'm your dad, you have to listen" he said "and I'm your daughter. And if you would've been home more lately, maybe you would know how much the Collins mean to me, it's a charity dad. I've been WORKING. Isn't that what you always wanted ? I guess so." I said, he finally faced me "Good. But you're the one who told me family goes first" he said, I laughed sarcastically "What family ?" I questioned, he looked hurt and didn't reply "exactly" I said and left. Just in time, cause Liam wanted to ring the door, I just ignored him and got in the car "Emma !" I heard my dad shouting, Liam got in and drove away I stared out of the window "Will you tell me what's wrong ? We still got time, we can stop here" Liam said as he parked his car, I sighed "Just had a fight again with my dad" I said "About what ?" he asked "He wouldn't let me go to the Collins today cause we had a 'family' trip" I said laying an accent on family, Liam sighed "Your dad finally took a day off--" he didn't had the time to finish his sentence, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath "Don't, just don't Liam.. You're the one who should understand how much the Collins mean to me. I've been spending every day working there, it's finally done. My parents barely knew what I was doing there, cause they were always too busy. They don't have to think I'll make time for them now. I got my own life. They can't always make time for us, so I can't for them neither. We don't have a family anymore, we're just some people who live in the same house. I already accepted that, and I'm okay with it--" - "No you're not okay with it" Liam said while he looked at me, I sighed "I'm not.. But what do you want me to do than ? What does my dad want ? That everytime he asks something I jump for him ? I can't, cause the Collins been there for me, you've been there for me, the boys have been there for me, but my parents weren't. So I won't make time when they ask me to do, my dad needs to realize he's doing wrong. And that we don't have a family anymore" I said as few tears rolled down my cheek, Liam hugged me and kissed my hair "It'll be okay.. I promise. We're gonna have a nice day by the Collins today and than tonight you can talk with your dad" he said as he smiled bit "Thanks" I said as I looked into his eyes "You're welcome" he said quietly, he came closer and closer, took my face between his hands and rubbed my cheek with his thumb, I bited my bottom lip as his smiled so sexy, than our lips touched and he kissed me softly, I smiled in the kiss. He winked at me, and I smiled happily.

When we arrived Shauny and Shane ran to us. Liam lifted Shane up and played with him while Shauny give me a major hug "Hey princess" I shouted as I held her in my arms "thank you" she said "Where for ?" I questioned while she started playing with my hair "for the house" she said, I smiled "You should thank uncle Liam too" I said, they both called him uncle Liam, "thank you uncle Liam" she said, he kissed her forehead "Anything for my little princess and my big boy" he said as he rubbed Shane's hair "Let's go Shauny ! They got cake !" Shane shouted as he took Shauny her hand and ran to the cake, Liam took my hand and we greeted the others. "Hey buddie, do you want me to show your room ?" Liam asked to Shane, they went together inside with Tim and Shauny. "Can I help you ?" I asked Sarah, Tim's wife. "Oh sweetheart, you've already done enough" she said as she smiled sweet "I've done it with love, if I ever can do something, you have my number" I said "I don't know how to thank you" she said "It's okay" I replied "You and Liam right ?" Liam's mom asked, I giggled "Yeah" I said "I'm happy, he seems happy when he's with you" she said, I smiled "so am I" I answered, she rubbed my back and walked away, I started helping Sarah with the food and stuff like that.

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