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The next morning I woke up by the smell of fresh pancakes, I smiled. I didn't want to get up, I wondered how Sky was. Finally, I got up. It was already 12.20PM. When I got downstairs I saw an older woman standing in the kitchen, she had the age around the thirties I guess, I was wondering who she was, probably Liam's mom. She turned around and saw me standing there with only a shirt on from her son. She smiled sweet "Euhm, hi.." she said, this was so embarrassing. "H-hi.. I'm Emma" I said quietly, and I stuttered a bit. "Are you Liam's girlfriend ?" she smiled, I laughed bit. The idea of being his girlfriend made me happy "No, I'm just a friend" I smiled; when I was done talking someone grabbed my shoulders from behind, I jumped up. It was Liam, he gave me a kiss on my cheek "Good morning, slept well ?" he said with a morning voice, I smiled "Morning, good, you ?" I answered."I slept well. Niall slept in the couch" he smiled and his mom coughed. "Oh hai mom, I didn't know you were here. Thought you were gone for your work." he said, bit awkward. His mom smiled and said "I came home early, when I saw Niall sleeping in the couch, so I decided to bake some pancakes for you both. But I didn't know you're gi-- friend was sleeping over." I smiled, "Maybe, you should give her a sweater" she continued. Liam looked at me “Yeah, that would be a good idea” he said and walked upstairs. This is so embarrassing “Shall I wake Niall ?” I asked his mom “Yeah, you should” she said and smiled sweet, I walked to the living room and patted my own head “Well good morning” Niall said, I looked at him and smiled “I just had to wake you up” I said “From Liam ?” he asked me, I sighed “No his mom” I said, he laughed “Is that the reason you patted your own head ?” I laughed bit too and blushed bit “Yeah, look at me. I’m only wearing a shirt of her son ! This is so embarrassing.. She tought I was Liam’s girlfriend”  I smiled when I was saying that, Niall looked at me “You like the idea of it don’t you ?” he asked me, I smiled, I didn’t heard what he asked me “That’s a yes” Niall said with a huge smile on his face “Huh ? What ? No !” I said, he started teasing me “oooh LIAAAAM!” he said while laughing “Shut up Nialler !” I laughed and putted my hand for his mouth and looked at him “I don’t know okay ? He just seems really nice and he’s so sweet. But I don’t know him at all” I said as I was taking my hand off his mouth, Niall smiled “He’s into you, believe me.” He said, my face lighted up “He is ?” I asked hopeful “I think he is, the way he looks at you” he said, that totally made my day, I smiled wide. Liam came inside the living room and handed me his sweater “There you go” he said and smiled at me, I smiled back “Thanks” Liam looked at Niall “Good morning buddie, slept well ?” Liam asked, Niall nodded “Mornin’ yeah, the couch is a really good bed !” Niall answered as Liam’s mom said we could eat our brunch. We all walked to the kitchen and started eating the pancakes. They were absolutely delicious ! Bit later my phone vibrated , I looked and saw my dad was calling. “Shit” I said, they looked at me “what’s wrong ?” Liam asked “My dad is calling” I told him “Pick up !” he said, I answered the phone..

Emma: “Hello ?”

Dad: “Good morning, slept well ?”

Emma: “Morning dad, yeah.”

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