7: Judge or be Judged

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Ch. 7

"Why in the hell do I keep seeing you naked on my timeline, Gideon?" Israel says walking into the room with his phone at his face

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"Why in the hell do I keep seeing you naked on my timeline, Gideon?" Israel says walking into the room with his phone at his face. "I can't even scroll without seeing a chick posting this video of you. I'm logging out. I'm not tryna see ya junk," he says sitting on the couch.

"They're lucky I'm comfortable in my own skin. Otherwise I would've filed a report on they asses. They can post the video all they want. All they're doing is promoting how blessed I am down there. Maybe I'll even get offered to do porn," Gideon says as I laugh.

"I heard they played it on the theatre screen in the Delta house," Israel says cracking up laughing as I do too. "They got you good."

Gideon smacks his lips as I ask, "What was that about anyway? What did you do to that chick? It was the Puerto Rican one, right?"

"Yeah. I don't know. I thought we were cool. It wasn't like I was lying her panties off and saying I wasn't fucking anyone else. That's all me and her were...sex. I think Sahara had something to do with it."

"You blame everything on her. I failed my test..it's that bitch Sahara's fault. I tripped up the stairs...Sahara did it. Come on bro," Israel says laughing.

"I'm serious this time. She was one of the girls that came out of the bathroom!" He says trying to convince us.

"Which one is Sahara again?" I ask.

"The one built like a twelve year old. She always has a head full of horse hair, always has a face full of makeup, and is as dark as the black shirt I have on," Gideon says pulling at his shirt.

"She is not that dark," Israel says laughing, but I don't. When I still look in confusion because I I'm not sure who he's talking about he says, "She has these juicy, big lips. Those DSL's." I shrug then he says, "She hangs with your girl, Zipporah. The real petite one. The shortest of the three."

"Why didn't you just say that from jump? That could've been anybody," I say finally realizing. Remembering what he said I say, "And she's not my girl."

Israel waves me off saying, "Whatever. You're feeling her though. Ay, if you get with her, see if she can put me down with her friend, Nubia. She's fine as hell."

"You think she's fine?" Gideon asks.

"Yeah. For a dark skin chick. Why not?" Israel asks as he spins around in his chair.

"Not you too," Gideon says throwing his hands up with a groan.

"I can say the same thing about Israel. I could've swore you were the one who made exceptions for all women as long as they have a Vagina they've had since birth. You said as long as they have all holes it doesn't matter what their skin tone or body shape is," I say throwing a mini basketball into the air.

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