19 (2): The Veterans v. The Ameteurs

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Ch. 19, Part 2


After spending the day working the event for Veterans Day, I retired to my apartment taking a nap

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After spending the day working the event for Veterans Day, I retired to my apartment taking a nap. I'm now laying in my bed watching re-runs of Living Single alone. I much rather be laid up getting my booty rubbed, but I'm not. D'Anthony was acting weird when I tried to talk to him at the event in the kitchen. I mean, I know I said I wanted to keep us low in the public, but he acted like he straight up didn't wanna talk to me. Whatever...Sahara texted me asking to come over, so I was waiting for her to get here.

Ten minutes later she walking into my dark apartment because I left the door unlocked for her. "Damn, did you forget to pay your light bill? I've been there before," she says walking across my living room.

"You know I like it dark. Why make my light bill higher than it needs to be? I'm a broke college student," I say as she enters my bedroom flopping onto my bed. "Where you coming from?" I ask looking her up and down at her outfit.

"Went out with a friend," she says vaguely taking her heels off. I hear them thud as they drop to my wooden floors.

"Hm. You've been M.I.A. What's been up with you?" I ask looking at her skeptically.

"Busy with school, Black Student Union and tutoring," she explains.

"Must be since you were tutoring Gideon on a Friday," I say recalling the lie Nubia told to Markel. Of course I was being shady boots because she told Nubia she was going on a date with Gideon and not me. We're supposed to be best friends, practically sisters if I didn't have enough of those already.

"What?" She asks looking confused.

"Isn't that where you were today? That's what Nubia said," I say as fake as possible.

"Oh, yeah. I tutored him earlier today," she blatantly lies as if she knows what I'm talking about.

"Wow, you gonna lie to my face?" I say in shock. "Nubia told me you went on a date with Gideon."

Sahara sighs then she gives in by saying, "Fine! I went on one little meaningless ass date with him. I didn't wanna tell you because I knew you would talk me out of it."

"Ya damn right I would! But you already went now, so all I can do is scold you like a child. Why would you do that?"

"Because...I got some free food. It was good as hell too. I had these good ass wings and-" Sahara goes on trying to change the subject but, I cut her off.

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