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Dear, Black men...Why don't you love your fellow black, female counterparts?

Dear Black women...So we're still acting like y'all don't date outside of our race too?

Dear Black men...Buy why must you insult us in the process?

Dear Black women...Why do you care so much if we date outside of our race? We can't have a preference?

Dear Black men...Does having a preference have to come with down talking black women?

Dear Black women...Why must you be so sensitive? Everything isn't a personal attack on you.

Dear Black men...Why must you perpetuate your own self-hate on us women?

Dear Black women...Why must you aim your bitterness at us men?

Dear Black men...Why must we be considered bitter? The mad, black woman narrative is old & tired.

Dear Black women...Why the stank ass attitude all the time?

Dear Black men...Why so arrogant?

Dear Black women...What's with the fake hair?

Dear Black men...So y'all just gon act like white women don't wear 'extensions'?

Dear Black women...Why the fake body parts?

Dear Black men...Why do you only like black features on non-black women?

Dear Black women...Why does a nigga have to be ballin' with the freshest fit to catch your attention?

Dear Black men...Why do you only like dark skin girls if they come with bigger ass..ets?

Dear Black women...Why must you push us away? You might as well tell them to have us.


The argument just kept getting pettier and pettier. It wasn't until he blurted out the words, "Not everyone is going to like your black ass. Not everyone likes me." Black ass? Hm..Okay, I gotta fat one. Strike 1.

"You Black hoes take everything to heart. And that's exactly why-" Who cares what else he said. Hoe? I mean, I've had my moments, quite a few actually. Why I gotta be a black hoe though? Strike 2.

"You dark skin bit-" And the last 4 letters didn't need to be uttered because I was done. Strike mutha fuckin' 3!

See I work for the school newspaper at Howard University where I'm also a student. When they asked me to conduct an interview with D'Anthony Carlos about the condition of dating in the black community, I accepted it without a hesitation. I've seen him around campus and I've heard the things people particular all the black girls and all the guys from the same place as him. It seemed nobody liked him except his little clique of friends, but then again they're just like him. I'm not one to judge. I give everyone a fair shot.

At least I tried to...5 minutes into the interview we were arguing like an old, married couple and I stormed out. I had to stop myself from smacking the fire out of him. It was tit for tat and we were getting nowhere. I was actually excited to pick his brain...But I found out he's just another Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz; he doesn't have one.

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