22: Worth the Wait

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Ch. 22

Write your insecurities on your body then look in the mirror

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Write your insecurities on your body then look in the mirror. Are they holding you back from your full potential? Why do you feel this way about yourself? If it's because of things other people said to you, erase them. Wash them away in the shower. Wash away your insecurities & watch them disappear down the drain. Eileen Caddy once said, "Let peace and stillness flood through you & envelop you completely in its cloak. Put on the whole armor of love - & yet feel, feel very deeply. Let tears flow, washing away impurities until you feel clean within & clean without. Become like an empty vessel ready to be filled with life's nectar."

I stare at my phone screen tapping the edge. I lock my phone then put it on the nightstand looking at the clock. It's past 10a.m. meaning I already missed my first class of the morning. I just woke up 5 minutes ago, so there was no point in rushing to try and get there. It was one of those professors who locks the door as soon as it's the minute class is supposed to start. I look down at D'Anthony who's knocked out on my chest. I stroke his hair that has waves in it just looking at him. Not even trying a smile spreads across my lips. I maneuver my way from up under him getting out of the bed.

I go to my bathroom brushing my teeth and washing my face with African Black soap then follow it with Witch hazel. As I unscrew the cap to my Nivea Soft moisturizing creme I can hear my phone ringing in the next room. Whoever it is, I'll call them back, I think to myself as I use my nail to scoop out a dime size of lotion to put on my face. As I rub it in I look over to see D'Anthony moving in my bed. I'm pretty sure my phone ringing was waking him up. I go into the cabinet grabbing an extra unopened toothbrush that I keep leaving it by the sink.

I walk back into my bedroom picking my phone up to see who called. It's Brayden, so I just let out a deep sigh. "What time is it?" I hear D'Anthony groan out groggily.

"10:30," I respond as I open a text from Nubia.

Nubia: You get that zickkk, gurll? 😛

I shake my head chuckling typing a response. All I do is send her this emoji: 🤗

She knew what it meant. We had a scale of emojis from 0 to a 10 on how good it was. 0 = 🤢 A 5 = 😕 and a 10 = 🤗 cause he has you having a whole new outlook on life. The birds are chirping, it's a beautiful morning, the sun is shining and you're happy as hell.

I see D's eyes pop open as he asks, "After 10?" I nod my head then he says, "Well, shit. I missed both of my classes. Oh well, I 'ont have any absences, so I'm good." He pauses as it gets quiet and I'm typing quickly responding to all my texts. I look down at him to see him staring at me as I'm standing there in just a bra and panties.

"What?" I ask with a faint smile.

"Nothin'. Oh, good morning, by the way." He's laying in my bed looking up at me.

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