28 (2): I See Me In You

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Ch. 28, Part 2

I know exactly what you got in those jeansAnd I know what it feels like, so don't you be meanDon't be a stranger, girl, it's only me

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I know exactly what you got in those jeans
And I know what it feels like, so don't you be mean
Don't be a stranger, girl, it's only me

Lay You Down by K-Young plays through the stereo as I walk towards the mirrored wall. I was practicing the routine I would be performing with some of my Delta soror's tonight at the Let Some Steam Off Stroll Off and concert hosted by the Kappas. No shoes on and only in my socks to give me a slick gripping on the wood floor, I do a perfect spin stopping to continue the routine. I was given the task of creating the routine for tonight and I must say I killed it. I would be front and center and on top of that I gave myself some of the hardest moves. I guess being on the dance team in high school came in handy for something.

I drop low slowly with my hands on my knees when I hear D'Anthony say, "You betta get that shit, girl!" making me even remember he's here. I look over my shoulder at him as he's sitting in a chair in the middle of the room. He gives me a goofy smile as I chuckle going back to dancing. From there I go into barrel roll across the floor ending in a split. "Ohh shit!" D yells as I can see him rocking in his chair excitedly from the mirror.

I stand up saying, "Can you just sit there quietly?"

"Not when you bustin' out all the moves. Got my dick hard over here and shit," he says as I ignore him just continuing to go through the routine. I finally make my way towards him for the lap dance part. "We gettin' to the good shit now," he says as I turn around putting my hands on his knees lowering down. You know all the good stuff that comes with a lap dance; hair flipping, teasing, ass movement. I could hardly concentrate on the routine because of D's commentary and him constantly grabbing my ass.

As I straddle his lap he grips my ass again and I slap his hand away saying, "Don't touch. You're just here for me to practice on. Sit there still. The person I'm giving a lap dance to doesn't get to touch, so neither do you."

"I'm your man. I can touch if I want. And who are you giving this lap dance to anyway? I don't know how I feel about this."

"We're picking a Kappa at random. Well, it's supposed to seem at random, but we already know who we're all picking."

"I'm not fuckin' with this. I don't wanna have to fuck up one of my frat brothers cause he touches you. Tell me who you're giving the lap dance to, so I can talk to him before tonight to make sure we're clear on the rules."

"No. You're not even supposed to know this lap dance is happening. You're just gonna have to go find a corner somewhere and don't watch, so you don't get mad."

He smacks his lips pouting like a little kid. "What y'all wearing?" He asks with this look on his face that makes me laugh. "This shit ain't funny," he says as I touch his face still laughing.

"It is. You're so damn possessive. We're wearing oversized men's dress shirts and those real sexy thigh high stockings with the lace that clip to the underwear. It's so cute. I'm gonna have this sleek bob, face beat with red lipstick. And I'm in the very front, so everyone's gonna see my fine ass," I say snapping as I can see D'Anthony's mouth drooping lower and lower.

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