9: You Don't Know Me

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Ch. 9

They say people are constantly changing, so don't ever think you really know someone

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They say people are constantly changing, so don't ever think you really know someone. But once a person does something that's coherently not good it follows them for the rest of their life. A person commits a crime and even a decade later they'll be known as that crime, big or small. I forgive and forget, but some people don't. Kind of like God? You ask for forgiveness and he forgives, but is that enough not to get sent to hell? Some things just can't be forgiven.

Like usual on a Monday of the week, Sahara and I went back to my place for a nap after class. It was the only day neither of us had work. After posting my daily blog I shut down my computer then look over at Sahara who's knocked out in my bed. For some reason I wasn't tired today.

I get up from the bed going to the kitchen to fix myself a snack. Two bagels with cream cheese. As I do that I sit my phone up against something then FaceTime Nubia. She's been M.I.A. lately and I can guarantee it's because of a new boy toy. As I waited for her to answer I spread the cream cheese all over the bagels with a knife. Finally her face pops up on the screen with a bright, white smile and her velvet skin. "Hey, Z baby!"

"Hey, NuNu," I say making us both chuckle. "Where you at?" I ask. Her background is the blue sky with clouds so I know she's outside.

"Still on campus. You know I got work," she says rolling her eyes. "Swear they be getting on my damn nerves in that office. Like girl, I can't."

"Quit your complaining. You have one of the easiest jobs on campus. You literally just answer the phone all day and make advising appointments. How hard is that?" I ask.

"Hard enough. I'm still mad I messed all the action this weekend. How was your date?" She asks.

"It was good," I say nodding my head.

"Just regular good or good good? Did y'all kiss or fuck?" She asks with an excited smile.

"Damn, you went from something innocent to the most extreme. We didn't do either. Gotta keep him on his toes."

"Ohh, I get it. Make him think you're easy by fucking him the first night to have his head all messed up. Then when you have his attention keep it by withholding the box. Make him wait, which confuses the hell out of him."

"Exactly," I say snapping my finger then pointing at her.

"I dig it. How did Sahara's little mission go? I'm so mad I didn't get to be at that one. You know I love to fuck up a niggas shit," she says as we both laugh.

"I know, but the girl got caught like an idiot. I'm surprised Gideon didn't whoop her ass," I say chuckling.

"That's because they love each other on the low," Nubia says laughing.

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