Chapter 12

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*Soul pov*

  When I get to the academy I walk up the stairs say bye to maka and walk into the school , I make my way to go see lord death, he's the one I need to see.

I get there and I walk down to him he's fighting with spirit "hey lord death!" I say loudly "oh yes! Hello soul! What do you need?" He ask , with maka's father there I felt weird but here I go..

  "I need to ask you something , about some uncool things I've heard around the academy." I say , lord death looks at spirit "spirit give me a moment ." He says and spirit walks away with some attitude.

  "Okay soul. What have you heard?" He ask "um.. me and maka were together-" he cuts me off "you guys are together. how cute!" I look at him confused "lord death is it true that me and maka can't be together ?" I ask quickly "huh? Why wouldn't you guys be able not to be together ?" He ask "I mean cause I'm her weapon " I say

"Soul, you know spirit and maka's mother were partners just as you and maka are" he says . "I mean I've heard lately that you've made up a new ru-" he cuts me off again "you can't always believe what others say soul." I look down feeling bad.

"I'm guessing you and maka aren't together anymore?" He says. "I told her that we should wait till we figure out the truth.. I mean I love her and she's the best and she's strong and independent, she's perfect!" I say , then get embarrassed cause I realized I said such things.

  "Go." Lord death says. "Huh? What do you mean go?" I ask confused "go find her , tell her your sorry" he says . I nod and start heading out "don't mess up like I messed up with maka's mother ." I hear spirit say.

  "I won't . I won't do that to maka." I say walking off "thanks lord death" I say and leave . I see black star "hey man!" I keep walking .

  ~time skip ~

I finally get home , I open the door and the house is quiet, no lights were on . "Maka?" I say as I turn a light on. Her door opens and she walks out . "Ye-yeah?" She says looking down. "Maka look at me" I say getting closer to her.

  She looks up and her eyes are red "maka.. were you crying?" I ask touching the side of her face , cupping my hand on her cheek.


Soul put his hand on my face, even though I just cried my eyes out because of him , my heart starts to beat fast "n-no!" I say "maka don't lie to me.. tell me if you were." Soul says while making me look at him "of course I cried , y-you jerk" i say as my eyes start to water. A tear slides down my face. He kisses the tear away , my face got red "s-soul? What the-" I was cut off by his lips.

I couldn't help it, I just kissed him back. It was warm, it started to get hot , his tongue just slip in my mouth , it was amazing

He back off , both of us panting , I was confused but I wasent going to ask questions. He kissed my neck , he held me closer then kissed me again.


The door bell stared to ring "sou-soul" I tried to say something but his lips over lapped mine "ignore .. it" he said in between. I just kept kissing him.


I back away from soul "just ignore it maka" he says "no just answer it." I say . He opens the door and black star , tsubaki, patty, Liz , kid just walked in "HEY WE CAME TO VIST!" they all said.

Soul looked at me and I looked at him , I was red he was too.

"Maka?.. what's that red thing on your neck" My face got even redder. "W-what!! What do you mean?" I say trying to act dumb "maka-" soul cuts off black star "so what you guys want?"

"Came to visit " they all say

'Why did they have to come!?" I say in my head disappointed.

(Authors note: sorry guys I take so long to write, but I'm get on top of it, I also started a new book too if you want to read it but imma be on top of this story from now on! Well I hope you enjoy!)

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