chapter 4

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*Maka POV *

"I..I didn't..think he was that mad at me.." I say sadly "black star don't say that! Soul didn't even say that!" Kid says to black star.

"What did you do Maka?" Tsubaki ask "to be honest I don't know.." I say but I have a few ideas but I don't know I'd those are the reasons he's mad.

"I'll be back!" I say then I run out of the class room.

*soul POV*

'Dame why did I have to start liking her...I can't do this I need to keep my distance for a while, till my emotions clam down..but how do I tell Maka I don't wanna see her anymore?' As I'm thinking this I feel something grab me from behind "soul!" I hear in maka's voice.

'Dame it why is she here?!'

"What Maka?" I say clamly "why are you so mad at me?!" She yells 'I'm not mad with you idiot I..I just love you that's it! But I can't tell you that' "soul!!" She yells "I'm not mad.." I say looking away.

"then what's wrong with you! Talk to me" she says grabbing my face, my cheek turn a rosey red when I see her eyes.

*Maka POV *

'Is soul blushing?' as I'm thinking this I see soul face get closer to mine 'huh? What's going on?'

"Maka..I love you understand now?" He says taking my hands off his face and walking away 'he what?!' My face turns a bright red.

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