chapter 2

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*soul pov*

As I open my eyes I see maka in font of me she was out like the light. I smile a bit 'She's so cute when she's sleeping..wait! What did I just think!' I blush a bit then I slowly let go of maka so I could get up and leave

But no way I was getting out of her grip she was holding on to me for dear life " stay..a little longer.." She says in her sleep "uh" maka grips me tighter and gets closer to me.

I have no use but to just lay her and wait for her to wake up..."your such a pain.." I say with a smirk.

~~~two hours go by~~~

*Maka pov*

I slowly wake up ""
"Finally Your awake" soul says. I hear a heart beat 'is that my heart beat? ' I say in my mind "hey maka mind getting of my chest?" Soul says "uh of c..course! " I say getting up
'That was soul heart beat it had a nice rythem to it' when I think this I blush.

"What's wrong?" Soul ask "N-nothing! " I say "alright then soul" says getting up from my bed. " were you here all night?" I ask "and all Morning" he says trying not to laugh.

"All Moring?! Why didn't you wake me!" I yell "when I tried to leave you told me not to so why wake you up? You had a bad night so why not let you sleep!" Soul yells back

'Wait was he caring for me?' I blush to the thought "thank you soul" I say with a smile "..uh it's not big deal!" Soul says with a blush "are you blushing? " I ask "no! I'm going to my room" he says then walks out of my room.

I giggle 'your such a pain soul'

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