chapter 9

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*soul pov*

It's been a whole month that me and maka have been together and it's been the best month of my whole life but somethings feels wrong..maka seems weird now..

The other day she was talking to some dude don't know what it was about but after that she's been acting very strange with me..did something happen?..was she upset with me? Did she not l-love me anymore?..

"Soul !" I hear maka say running towards me "y-yeah?" I say "you okay?" She ask I nod "where going on a mission today!" Maka said happily..

This is the first mission that were doing together as a couple..I chuckle "what is it?" Maka ask "it's are first mission as a couple" I say she blush a bit.."right" she says walking off .

Something was off about her.. She been acting to weird..why?

(Authors note: sorry it's been so long but I wrote a little for today I'll finish the other half tomorrow!)

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