chapter 5

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*Maka POV *

As I'm playing with my pencil the door opens and soul walks in "soul?" I say then he walks up to where I am and sits down.

"Where have you been?!" I ask "I'm sorry I've been gone for so long." He says "uh soul?" I say "what?" He says putting the band on his head on his eyes "do you know" I say blushing.

"No.." He says 'wait!? What he doesn't love me anymore? Maybe that's why he left..but I wanna to tell him I l..loved him to but I guess it doesn't matter anymore' as I'm thinking soul flicks me on the head.

"But your still my mister Maka.." he says "and your still my weapon soul" I say smiling.

~~2 hours later~~

As me and soul are walking home I start to wonder why he stop loving. When we get home I open the door and soul walks in then I walk in. Then I close the door.

"Soul?" I say "yes Maka?" He says "promise me something.." I say "and what's that?" Soul says "that you won't leave again.." I say hugging him.

*soul POV *

When she hugs me face turn all red "I..I promise Maka" I say hugging her back "soul why did you stop loving me?" Maka says 'wait what?!'

"Maka I had too stop loving you.." I say "how come?" Maka ask "because if I didn't it would have ruin are friendship and are mister and weapon relationship.." I say "oh..soul?" She says

"Yes Maka?" I say. She then grab my face and kiss me. My eyes widen then she pulled away "I love you too" she says

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