chapter 6

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*soul pov*

'I dont..know how to react...what do I do?' All of a sudden I hear maka door close and maka was gone "wait mak-" then I shut my self up. 'It's better this way...' I say in my mind.

*Maka pov*

'WHY DID I KISS HIM?! I wonder if it was bad he didn't say anything he just stared at me like if I was a freak or something! Maybe..maybe it's better this way...' as I'm thinking this I hear my phone start to ring.

I walk over and see its black star "hello?" I say answering " WE NEED HELP! DON'T TELL SOUL!" black star says then hangs up.

Once I hear that I grab my coat and put it on then open the door. Soul wasent there 'maybe he went to his room' I say closing the door behind me

I run to black star and tsubaki house there was kid pacing back and forth "kid!" I yell then kid runs up to me. "What took you so damn long!" Kid yells "sorry! What's the problem anyway!" I say yelling back..

Then tsubaki opens the door "come in here!" She says bring us both in. When I'm pulled in I see a girl sitting on the couch she

Had long white hair red eyes and a beautiful face it was a bit strange in some way she look like soul in a girl way... "maka this going to sound really werid..." tsubaki says "what is it?"I say

"This girl right here is um...Rose...e..evans.." She says ' Wait evans?! Like soul evans!? There's no way!' "So..your saying this is soul's sister.." I ask "Yes twin sister.." black star says

"Hi" rose says with a smile "your soul's sister?" I looking at her closely "hah yes" She says "why didn't you guys want me to get soul?" I say looking at everyone "me and soul don't get along after um..." after that she said nothing. Like something bad happens between them.

"Well soul's My partner I have to tell him!" I say "you cant!" She says "huh? Why not?" I ask "soul will get mad...when we were younger something...well someone died and after that soul couldn't stand to be in the same room as me..." She says

"What cause this?" I ask "...someone soul loved dearly died..well Alot of people he loved dearly died...and he was alone for a while..." She says looking down. "He's not alone now so come on!" I say with a smile and I offer her my hand she slowly grabs it "a..alright" She says

After that I ran back to the house "okay shh" I say opening the door "soul?" I say "im coming!" I hear soul say from his room then he runs out "maka we need to tal-" the moment he sees rose next to me his whole face expression change.

"Why the hell are you here ! " he says grabbing me and putting me behind him "Go away! What I say the last time I saw you! I told you to leave me the hell alone!" Soul yells "hey soul clam do-"

"SHUT UP MAKA!" soul says madly 'soul has never yelled at me like the that before...' as I'm thinking this I notice soul looks down "you got her killed...your here to kill maka too.." he says

"Soul that wasent my fault.." rose says "Levy didn't deserve to die! She was kind and beautiful and sweet! And took her from me!" Soul says as he starts to tear up 'I've never seen soul tear up or cry...who's levy?'

"Rose go home...stay there! Don't come back!" Soul says harshly "SOUL!" I yell "what the hell is your problem! " I yell then soul grabs me from my shoulder. "Rose killed my everything
..Maka she took something from me that not you not anyone cam get back..." soul says going back to his room.

"I told you maka.." rose says looking down

'He loved someone else...'

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