Chapter 11

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*soul pov*
'What am I going to do I'm so upset! How could she think that I would just leave her?! , I mean what would I do if we couldn't be together cause of us being partners?..I mean I love maka but I'm also her weapon , that's how I protect maka..maybe if I talk to lord, he wouldn't change a rule just for us.. but I mean maka's parents were together Or is it a new rule ?..I mean if I left maka and I was just her weapon.. I don't think we could even be partners.. unless' I stop and look up.

*Maka's pov*
I finally see soul and I run but I stop and look at him 'what is he doing' "soul? " soul said nothing and kept looking at the sky, it felt like forever before he responded, "maka? Can I tell you something without you get upset?" He says in a serious tone 'he's going to break up with me isn't he? No I can't let him do that , I can't let him say what he wants to say, yet I want to know what's on his mind! I want to know..' "su-..sure" I say with hesitation

"What if till we find out about This 'rumor' we're not relationships wise, I mean I want to be with you but if it's true that we can't be together cause we're partners, then I can't be there to protect you..and I can't not protect you maka..I don't want anyone else to be you weapon ..I want to be the one to protect you and love for now..we have to put this on pause." Soul says. My eyes were tearing up

I could feel it... I couldn't even say anything "maka?" Soul says while walking towards me "huh?" I say looking at him , "let's go back to the Academy, I'm not up for a mission " he says walking pass me.

My tears fell from my face but i wipe them away and turned around and followed him quietly 'he just ended it..he's fine? Isn't he? He could have cared less about could I even think love is real?, after what happen with my could I even..he loved me huh? Right sure he did i don't know how to feel anymore..I - I hate h..h-, why can't I say I hate him? ..cause I don't who am I kidding..' I trip over my own feet and fall ,soul turns around , he look at me wanting to help me but he just turned away.. and kept walking

A while passes and we making it back , he walks up the stairs "I'll see you later at home maka I have to go do some things" and after saying that he walk away..

I walk into the academy and I see tusbaki and black star and everyone else , they look at me and I couldn't even face them right now I just needed to be alone, I walk up the roof and I just look at everything , then wind hits my face , I feel the pain in my chest..

  'Is this what pain feels like? this what it feels like to be alone..why ? Did I have to say anything to him..'

Authors note: hey! Sorry that it's been so so long since I've updated I got a new phone , and I forgot my password and bunch of things happened but I've log in and now I'll start finish up this story for you all! Sorry for the wait!!! Chapter 12 coming VERYYYY SOOOONNN bye guys !
  ~Juvia_and _Gray

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