chapter 7

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*Maka pov*

'who's levy?' for the past week I've been asking myself who this girl could be but I have no idea..and every time I try to bring her up soul gets mad and leave the room..

who ever she was soul cared for her..but she's dead now..why is the fact of soul loving her bothering me..she's not alive I have nothing to worry about right?...

"maka?" soul says "huh? uh yeah soul" I say "Are you alright?." he ask I just shrug and look away "maka?" he says but this time I didn't say a word "maka!" he yells " WHAT!" I yell back. then everyone in the classroom states at us both.

I just got up and walk out it was my dad doing are class today so I know it wouldn't matter if I left..I just went up to the roof..after standing there for a while.

"maka what the hell is wrong?" Soul say "Leave me alone.." I say "maka..what's wrong?" he ask "geez home many damn times do I have to say it's no-" then I'm cut off by him grabbing me "don't say nothing wrong! when I've know you long enough to know there's something wrong!" he yells. he was so close to me

my face true a red ish color "if I ask you'll just get mad.." I say "is it about levy?" he ask "...yeah.." I say "whats bothering you about her?" he ask "the fact that you lived her!" I yell but then realized that I just sounded jealous..

"maka..she died a long time ago it doesn't matter if I love her.." he says calmly "of course it matters soul! how can you tell me you love me yet you still love her! oh wait no! you don't love anymore! sorry!" I say yelling all this "maka calm down! you know damn well why I can't love you!" he yells.

"I know! I know" with out realizing I was crying "maka.." he says "what! I know you can't love me I get its just that I lov-" then I was cut off by him kissing me. my face turn a bright red.

'What's going on?...his lips are so warm and soft...I thought he loved her not me? I thought that we couldn't be together.. yet after saying all of that he kisses me? gosh soul..your such a pain..'

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