chapter 8

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*Maka pov*
As me and soul are walking to school I feel soul hand grab mine and I turn a bright red 'after last night...we kinda just slept and woke up and acted like nothing even though now he's holding my hand.. are we togther?..should I ask him?'

"Maka?" I hear call my name "uh yeah?" I anwser "uh do you wanna go ou-" then he was cut off "HEY SOUL MAKA! IT'S ME THE GREAT BLACK STAR" black star says hugging us both "black star!" I hear tsubaki say.

"So what you guys doing? All alone hmmmm?" Black star ask then soul looks at him and calmly says "I'm trying to ask maka out and your interrupting us so get out of here.."

I turn a bright red then black star just blinks and walks away with tsubaki then soul looks at me "what I was trying to say is maka..I love you..I don't know what I do without your my other are my soul you are my life..would you go out with me?" He ask

At this point my face was completely red all I did was nod. He smirk and grabbed my hand "let's go before where late to class maka.." he says walking.

I smile and follow him.

When we get to school patty, liz, tsubaki are staring at me. "Well took long enough " kid says with a laugh soul just blush and look away. I giggled "so what he say maka?" The girls ask "I'll tell you guys later" I whisper to them.

"You will not!" Soul says blushing I laugh at his blushing face. "So now you and maka are together...finally " black star says with a smile "So how dose it feel to be tied down " black star says laughing.

"How dose it feel not telling tsubaki that you like her?" Soul says. Black star turns completely red "SHUT UP!" black star says when I look at tsubaki she's blushing "uh.."

"Hah it's okay black star you should tell her" soul says "dude.." black star says looking down while blushing "okay kids! Sit down time for class!" Sid says. We all sit down.

'Hah now I'm with soul..strange a mister and a weapon together. . .that's a first but who cares right? Its not like we're not allowed to be together '

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