Chapter 13 (18+?)

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(Authors note: things might get a little 18+! You've been warned !!!)
-soul's POV-

After many hours of having everyone there they finally left, it was just me and maka and the sexual tension from earlier , but what the hell? Why was I like that Earlier?... I mean do I want to do all that? with maka?

"So-soul?" I hear maka say "uh yeah?" I say look at her but when I look at her her face is a night red "maka what's wrong?" I ask getting up and sitting next to her, but next thing you know she's on top of me . "M-maka!?" I say trying to figure out what the hell is going on, I'm flustered at this point. "S-soul sh-shut up" she says slamming her lips on to mine. I could feel my face getting hot, I put my hands on her back and pull her in closer , the kiss started getting hot and passionate.

Her hips rock back and forth on my 'friend' which was getting hard, she separated her lips from mine and we both panted "m-maka, what a-are you doing," I say, she looks at me with lust In her eyes "soul I want you ." She says In a seducing tone. I didn't even think twice , I just pick
Her up and took her to my room and laid her down and took of my shirt .

-maka POV-
Hot damn soul took off his shirt and that's all I can think about, he's so hot, he got on top of me and kissed me then made me sit up . "I don't think your going to be needing this" he says while taking my shirt and skirt off.

'What the hell am I doing? It feels wrong but it feels so right' soul lays me down and kisses me then down my neck , he licks down and then he finds my soft spot and I moan a little, he smirks. He sucks hard on my neck leaving me a hickey , he starts going lower ,he kisses my stomach all the way down to my woman hood, he kisses it then slowly takes my panties off. Then I feel his warm tongue touch my slit , I couldn't help but moan.. he kept eating me out till I hit my climax "s-soul ! I-I'm going--" I say before releasing , he just lick it all up..

-fast forward to the next morning !!(save you guys the 18+ details but if you want to know them just comment saying I should and that will be the next chapter!!)

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