Chapter 10

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Soul pov

I'm walking with maka and I'm very quite at the moment "hey soul?" Maka says "ah? Yeah?" I respond. "What's the matter? You've seem out of it today" she says.

"Nothing maka I'm good.." I say but actually I'm not good she's been acting weird lately she was talking to some guy the other day and she didn't look to happy I'm kinda wondering what they were talking about.

"Oh okay good ! Cause where going on a mission" she says not looking at me. "What's bothering you maka?" I say

( Maka pov)

'When soul ask me that I couldn't answer it honestly...if he knew what I heard he would be upset..'

"Hah what do you mean soul?" I say looking off waiting for him to drop it "I mean what the hell is up? I know you where talking to that guy..and after that you've been acting weird!" Soul says a bit mad

"Soul..I have to ask you something.." I say "what is it?" He answered.

(Soul pov)

"If we couldn't be partners anymore because we're together..would you pick another partner?" Maka says. I stop and I look at her.

"Maka..what the hell?" I say confused 'why would she say it can't be that guy told her that!'

"The guy I was talking to is a old friend and he said he heard a rumor about partners not being able to date.."maka says

"Maka no one is gonna tear us apart" i say but maka stays quite "unless you think this is a bad idea.." I say "no! No no soul I love you I do!" Maka says.

"But you rather have me as your weapon right?" I say looking at her "soul look I'm not even sure that the rumor is real!" Maka says

"But if it is real I know what you would choose!" I say madly storming off. I hear maka call my name but I'm so mad I can't even face her right now.

'How could she even think that!'

(Authors note: HEY! Sorry it took so long for this chapter to come out! I hope you guys enjoy it and if you want more then comment down below!)

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