chapter 1

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*Maka POV*

"Please soul..don't leave me!" I yell holding soul close "maka.." Soul says coughing blood up "save your streath your going to be okay! I promise" I say "ha your a..I..Idiot Maka I'm going to die we both know it" soul says stroking my head

"Shut up! Don't say that soul!" I say with tears coming down my face "Maka promise me something.." He says "promise you what soul?" I say as tear keep coming "promise me you'll find a new partner.." He says

"W..why would I..I need a new partner for? Your not going to die soul.." I say as I kiss his for head "you wouldn't do that to me" I say "m..m..Maka..I..I lov-" then nothing I look down "soul! SOUL!"

"Oi Maka!" Soul says waking me from my horrible dream "h...huh? Soul!" I say hugging him tightly "uh..Maka what the hell?.." He says "your okay!" I say hugging him tighter "um why wouldn't I be okay?" He ask I look at him and smile.He slowly wipes my tears from my face

"You know what time it is Maka?" He ask "uh no.." I say looking at him "its four in the morning Maka" oh..I'm sorry so I woke you?" I ask "uh no..not really..okay maybe..fine yeah you did.." He says "I'm sorry soul you can go back to your room" I say

"You want me to stay here?" Soul ask "you don't have to" I say "Maka its a yes or no not 'you don't have to'" soul says "y..yes..please" I say looking down "okay then" he says laying next to me "uh?! What are you doing?" I ask as I blush "I'm going to sleep. What else Maka?" He says as its not weird that he's laying next to me

"Sleep on the flo-" I was cut off by soul pulling me down and hugging me "go to sleep Maka.." He says laying his head on mine. I blush "uh-" I was cut off again "shut up and sleep." Soul says as he falls asleep.

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