Chapter Two: Someone Has to Help

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The sun shone brightly from its declining position in the sky. It would set in an hour or two, sliding down behind the horizon line. And if Hiro was any judge of weather, the sky would remain only partly cloudy, with a spectacular sunset. It was a nice reward for a job well done, he supposed.

It felt like months since Hiro'd last gone on any mission. Okay, it really had been about a few months, more like one and a half, but still close enough to count. It wasn't exactly his fault he'd gotten shot and cracked a few ribs. Well, okay, maybe it was. But that wasn't the point. That and it was a tale for a different time.

Sitting on Baymax's back, he took in the view that was the city of San Fransokyo. It was his city, and he loved it with just about every fiber of his being. On either side of him sat GoGo and Honey Lemon as they held on to the robot's wings. And below, firmly clasped in Baymax's large, robotic hands, hung Fred and Wasabi. Well, Wasabi was more likely clinging to the large red gauntlet than hanging from it. After all, he was a serious acrophobic. Chances were good he also had his eyes tightly closed.

"Isn't this awesome? Hiro asked as Baymax flew through a low lying cloud. He had to pause to wipe his visor free of condensation, but he didn't mind. "That makes our what? Our seventeenth rescue since we started?"

"Twenty seven," Wasabi called, using a rather strained voice. "Not counting the major ones."

Leave it to Wasabi to keep track, Hiro thought with a smile. "That's still pretty awesome." The best part was that no one had gotten hurt. Sure the Syto building had collapsed, but they'd gotten everyone out in time. The building was old anyway.

Something flashed in the sky, maybe some space junk left over from that one asteroid a few months back. Or maybe it was something else. It didn't streak like a typical meteor, though it did remind Hiro of the rip in space where he'd taken Baymax and an energy entity into the Rift. It was gone just as quickly, making Hiro wonder if he'd merely seen things.

"Did you guys see that?" he asked anyway, pointing out the direction of the anomaly. He squinted, as if that would bring back the odd sight.

"See what?" GoGo asked as she looked in the direction Hiro pointed. She shook her head when she couldn't detect anything out of the ordinary.

Wasabi let out an odd yelp. "I didn't see anything! I wasn't looking, but I'm sure if was, I still wouldn't have seen anything!"

Hiro felt a bit deflated but knew he'd seen something. "Baymax, what about you?"

The robot tiled his head in contemplation. "I did detect a surge of energy coming from the direction you indicated."

The boy couldn't help but let out a cry of victory, his hands flying up into the air with a shout. His knees kept him safely anchored to Baymax's back with their electromagnets. "I knew it!"

Honey Lemon pursed her lips. "Do you think we should go check it out? It could just be nothing, but it might be someone who needs our help."

At that exact moment, a cloud of dust flew up near the tree line outside of city limits. It reminded Honey of watching a meteor hit the ground as dirt flew outwards before settling back to the ground.

"That looked awesome!" Fred called from his position in Baymax's hand. "We should totally check it out. I mean, what if it's another alien entity that needs Hiro to take it home or something?"

Baymax shifted to aim towards the implosion. "I am detecting signs of life coming from that location." He would have reached out a hand to point but his arms were full with Wasabi and Fred. "There appears to be two males and one female. The female is injured. I also detect some kind of robotic machine."

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