Chapter 16 - I'm Here

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Starfire's POV

I do heard some footsteps coming towards me. I look where it is coming from. It is so dark in here. I do not see a thing. There is only a little light coming from my right and I do see...a mask.

A gold mask...

Robin's POV

It's almost 6 hours since I left the tower to find Starfire. Cyborg is forcing me to eat first, that I should take a rest.


I look around. Starfire is not here. I asked some people here but they don't see Starfire. I'm so worried about my girlfriend. Something vibrate on my pocket. I pick it up.


"Do you have any plan to eat? To rest? ROBIN! You haven't eaten for almost 2 days! You're always not here. You need to rest—"

"NO! I won't eat and I won't take a rest until I see Starfire. I'm so worried about her. I can't eat everytime I think that I'm a bad boyfriend. I can't rest everytime I think of her. I...miss her so much..."

"Hey Robin! Are you crying? Don't cry okay? You're not a bad boyfriend. We are also worried about you. Just take care of yourself, okay?"

"Okay." Then he hung up.

*End of flashback*

I realize that I need to be strong so I eat but I didn't sleep. After eating, I continued walking, hoping that I can see her.

I look to the sky.

I remember her face...

I remember her smile...

I miss all about her.

I won't give up on you, Star. I'll save you.

"I'll find you, no matter what happens."

I want to hear your voice, Star...


I look around. Where is it? That's my girlfriend's voice.


"STARFIRE!" I shouted as I run towards a small building.

I'm coming. Don't be afraid Star.

I kick the door and look around.

I'm here Star.

I shout her name.


I look around. It's so dark here but there is a little light coming from my left then I saw something that sparkle. It looks like a mask.


A mask?

I rub my eyes. Huh? It's gone...

"Long time no see, Robin." I turn around as I recognize that voice.

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