Chapter 7 - For You

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Robin's POV

I am sitting here at the rooftop. I slept for a while because I can't stop thinking about Starfire.

I close my eyes, feel the fresh air and smiled. It took a seconds before I open my eyes.


As I open my eyes, I see Starfire's smiling face. She's sitting beside me.

"Goodmorning Robin!" She said in a energetic voice. I smile and greet her too.

"Goodmorning Star."

I look at her face until I look at her soft lips.


She just look at me and I stand up. She also stand up and my hands are at my back.

I bought a flower for her a while ago. It is a rose. I choose it because it is color red just like her soft long red hair and the color green just like her green emerald eyes.

Starfire's POV

I am the confuse why did Robin do the stand up so I did the same. His hands are at his back like he his hiding thing of some. I don't know what it is.

I was about to ask him what he is hiding on his back when he showed me a rose.

Oh, so that's what he is hiding on his back. I took the rose and look at it. This is my favorite flower. I do think my cheeks are color red.

I smiled and look at Robin, smiling at me so I step forward and kiss his cheek then I hug him.

"Thank you." I said in a sweet voice.

"Your Welcome."

I do the release from hugging him and look at him.

"You always make me smile."

"I do anything just for you. I don't want to see you sad. You deserve to be happy."

I blush of what he said to me and he lean closer to me.

We are so close to each other that I do close my eyes immediately and he do gave me a long kiss on my head of fore.

I don't care if he do kiss me on my fore of head. I am really happy when he do it. I really do.

But I will became the more happy when he kiss me on my lips. I'll do the wait for it.

I open my eyes and hug him again and he hug me back just like what he do everytime I hug him.

Author's Note:

Hello readers! I make this chapter long. How was it? Hope you enjoy. Stay safe.

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