Chapter 18 - Vanished

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Robin's POV

We attacked him at the same time. While he's lying on the floor, Beastboy and Cyborg are running towards Slade. Raven used her powers to lift a heavy truck to throw it to Slade as I run...

I run as fast as I could.


"Star, are you alright?" I asked her with a very worried tone as I removed the rope around her hands, making her tied in a steel.

She looked at me–wait, more like stare. She's staring at me until tears formed into her eyes then it fall, making her cheeks wet. I used my hand to wipe her tears, kissed her forehead, removed some of her hair into her face and said with a soft and calming voice,

"Don't worry Star. I'm here." then I smiled, trying to cheer her up. She hug me unexpectedly. I hug her back to make her feel that she's safe. I hug her tightly for her to know that I miss much.

A tear fell down into my eye.

I'm so glad that she's here, that she's right by my side.

I'm so...


"Robin? Why are you crying?" She asked in a sweet, worried tone as she pushed my shoulders gently so that she could see my face.

"I..." I said in a low, sad voice then I look at her worried face. "I missed you so much." I said as I wiped my tears, look at her and smiled. "I'm so glad you're here." I continued.

She smiled back and hugged me saying, "I missed you too. And I am so happy that we are together."

"Ahhhhh!" Cyborg screamed.

We heard a loud sound when Beastboy was threw to the wall.

Me and Star looked at each other, smiling and I nodded slightly. I started to run towards Slade as I threw my weapons. Star shoots her starbolts to Slade while flying. Cyborg used his arm weapon to shoot Slade. Raven made the floor moved, hit Slade and throw him into the air. Beastboy fly towards him and when Slade is below him, he turned into an elephant, making Slade lying painfully in the floor then his mask cracked into pieces.

"Woah Star, are you okay?" Beastboy asked.

"Yes friend Cyborg. I am the okay." She said while smiling.

"It's good to know that you're good...but those wounds..." Raven said that made all of us look at her wounds. I didn't noticed those earlier.

"Those wounds are not good." Cyborg said as he observed her wounds.

"Does it hurt if I touch it?" Beastboy asked as he moved his finger towards her and just in a second, I touch his finger, look at him seriously and said,

"Don't touch her."

"Oh...hehehe." Beastboy said then Raven hit his head with her hands, making me and Cyborg smile then we started to look at Beastboy and Raven which Beastboy curious and Raven blush.

Star started to walk where Slade is lying–


"Waaah dude!" Beastboy said then looked at his left and right as Cyborg starts to observe, Raven starts to look around and Star came to my side which made me hold her hand.

Where is he?

"How did he left this place? He was lying painfully here and now he's gone?"

"The pieces of his mask were still here." Cyborg added.

I look around, checking if he is hiding somewhere.

"Pick up those pieces Cyborg." I commanded.

Raven helped Cyborg while Beastboy is looking upward then started to yawn. I look at Star and smiled. Cyborg was finished, smiling at us which made me look away, blushing.

"Come on, let's go home."

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