Chapter 17 - It's (Not) Nice To See You

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Robin's POV

My eyes widened when he stepped in the light.


This can't be...

"...S-s..." I muttered, stepping backwards.


I looked behind him and I saw Starfire, weakly tied in a steel.

"Starfire!" I shouted her name as I run towards her when Slade pulled my cape and when he's in front of me, he punched me.

I stand up, run towards him then jumped, threw my weapons. As he avoided it, I kicked him. He stepped backward when I kicked him so I took out my steel rod, glared at him, run then jump.

 He stepped backward when I kicked him so I took out my steel rod, glared at him, run then jump

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Starfire's POV

As they are doing the fight, I tried to move but I'm so weak. I tried harder to move but I can't really move.

Slade is about to stab Robin with a knife while Robin is lying on the ground.

What? No no no

This can't be...

"S-stay away f-from him..."

He stopped walking, moved his head as he looked at me when Robin punched him in his face, making his mask cracked.

Robin starts to catching his breath while there's still a time when Slade runs as he was about to attack Robin when a black hole appeared below his feet and threw him at the wall.

My friends! They are here!

"Dude are you okay?" friend Beastboy do the asking to Robin.

"Yeah, I'm okay." He answered then he looked at me, giving me a worried face.

"Okay, let's finish this." Cyborg said as Slade stood up.

Robin's POV

I glared at him as he stood up.

I'm going to kill him.

He hurt my girl. Oh wait, no. He nearly kill Star.

You'll pay for this.


Author's Note

Hello guys! Sorry for super duper late update. I'm so sorry. Forgive me guys, I didn't mean to. So many problems just came up, depression comes in and schoolworks sat on my head which gave me headache.

Also, I didn't find motivation to write because I was so broken. I decided to put my broken pieces but I can't fix it...I can't so I tried to find motivation and happiness. But don't worry guys, I'm okay now. I moved on from the boy who gave me the reason to give up, who left me and who replaced me with a new one.

Again, I'm so sorry for super duper late update. Thank you for understanding me. Love you all!

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