Chapter 19 - Oh yeah!

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Beastboy's POV

We are all heading back to the tower. Robin and Starfire are in front of me, talking to each other while holding hands.

Hmmm...holding hands huh?

I stopped from walking and look at my hand. Cyborg came to my side and put his hand on my shoulder.

"Why don't..." he looked at his left that made me watch Robin and Starfire who were currently enjoying their moment.

"Why don't you do it?" he continued.

I look at Raven who is slowly walking which is kinda far from Robin and Starfire.

I look at Cyborg who is waiting for my answer. I touch the back of my head, look at my left and look at him again. I sighed.

"I don't know how. I...I'm nervous." I finally answered as I watch Raven walking.

"You can do it." he said while smiling.

"You can turn into any animal you want." he said as he showed his finger. "You can save the Jump City." he said and showed his another finger again. "You can do more great things than those two that I just mentioned earlier." he said as he bend his knees, put his other hand on my shoulder then he continued, "See our tower?" he asked that made me look at my right. "We're already near. Don't waste this chance. Do it before it's too late." he said and continued walking.

I can do this.

Don't waste your chance Beastboy.

I look at Raven then took a deep breath.

It's not too lateeeeeeeee!

I started to run towards Raven. When I passed Cyborg, I grabbed her hand and hold it just like what Robin did to Starfire earlier.

Cyborg's POV

I'm so happy that Beastboy did it. I can see their blushing faces from here. When they will be an officially couple just like Robin and Starfire?

I should tell Beastboy to confess his feelings.

I smiled when I saw them.


            Cyborg (Me)

Robin and Beastboy made a bro fist that made me smile wider.

There's only one thing that I can say.


Raven's POV

I can't believe this! I look at our 'holding' hands. I can feel my warm cheeks. His hand is soft even though it has glove on it.

I look at Starfire. In a few seconds, she noticed me looking at her so she smiled at me while blushing that made me blush even more. I look at my right to hide my face to them.

"You're cute." his sincere voice that keeps on replaying into my head.

You're cute.
You're cute.
You're cute.

He swing our hands that made me look at him. He smiled at me. Well, I guess my face is all red now.

"Oh yeah! We're home!" Cyborg screamed that made Starfire yawn.

"I'll take you to your bedroom." Robin said to her and started to enter the tower.

"I'll take you too." he said and before I could speak, he started to walk towards to my door, still holding my hand.

"Goodnight Raven!" he said while showing his white teeth as he let go of my hand.

"Goodnight." I said and entered my room.

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