Chapter 10 - Finally!

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Robin's POV

Me and Star are already on the rooftop. Beastboy and Cyborg are playing video games while Raven is reading a book on her room.

"Oh! I forgot to feed Silkie!" she said then she look at me.

", feed him already."

"How the about you?"

"Don't worry about me. Just feed Silkie right now." I said while smiling.

"Are you the sure?"

"Yes, why?"



"Do not do the thinking about it."

"Oh come on, tell me." I said with a little laugh, "Please?" and I gave her a puppy eyes look.

Of course, she can't resist me.

"Fine. It's because..." she stop for a while, maybe thinking if she will give me the reason or not.


"Because I cannot do the leave you!" she finally answered me.

I'm blushing right now!

I stand up and she can't look at me.

"Star.." I said "Look at me."

"I-I can't." she said while hiding her face and I think she's blushing.

"Sure you can!" I said while smiling.

"I cannot."

So I touch her chin move it upward so that she can look at me.

"Don't worry about me, Star. I know that me and Silkie are both impotant to you." I said, "I can wait here even for a thousand years. I'll wait for you...Star.." I added.

Her face is red right now and I think we're the same.

We are staring for a long time when..

"O-ok..I will do the feeding to Silkie now." She said.

I remove my hand to her chin and I watch her for a second then I sit because I'm standing for a long time!

Starfire's POV

I cannot do belive that I do told him the reason why I cannot leave him on the rooftop!

He is right. Robin and Silkie are both important to me.

What if something bad happen to Robin? Then I remember what Cyborg told me.

"Think positive."

Then I do remember that there is no trouble here so we are always here.

I do the feeding to Silkie now then I came back to the rooftop.

I saw him, sitting then I do sit beside him.

I do the starinh at him. He's so handsome. Then he caught me, stating at him but I did not do the avoid of look.

We are both staring while we both leaning at each other.

And his lips...

Felt mine.

We close our eyes

We're kissing..


I love this feeling.

And now, we're enjoying this moment.

I love you, Robin.

Author's Note:
Hello guys! This is my last update fpr this week. There will be an exam for me next week. It's 3 days, Wednesday until Friday. So, I need to review. I'll update Chapter 11 on Friday after my exam. I hope you understand. Thank you! Keep safe everyone!

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