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Forever and Always (A robstar story) by kyky05
Forever and Always (A robstar Kyra
This story is to the fans of Teen Titans, who want Starfire and Robin to be in a relationship. Through every twist and turn through this thrilling book, you will discove...
𝐪𝐮𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐧-𝐭𝐞𝐱𝐭 𝐟𝐢𝐜 by grasstain
𝐪𝐮𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐧-𝐭𝐞𝐱𝐭 𝐟𝐢𝐜by ⠀
dick, kori, victor, garfield, & rachel lived in the same neighborhood but in different houses. we all know the new pandemic spreading around the world today, scientists...
Teen Titans have Social Media (A.K.A. DCHeroesBook)!!! by anonymoushipper24
Teen Titans have Social Media ( K.C.
What happens when the Teen Titans have their own social media, for superheroes (and random fans who hacked) only? What trouble will they get up to? What trouble will the...
Forever Lost by elyssasummers
Forever Lostby elyssasummers
"Were gonna take your powers away. Smile for your friends now." He shoved a phone in my face and sure enough, my friends were on the other side of the screen w...
THIS IS PERSONAL | yj next gen by literalsupergirl
THIS IS PERSONAL | yj next genby b r e e
Meet the eleven kids in the next generation of superheroes, now the team first created and upheld by their parents. When something goes horribly wrong, the team must ret...
Teen Titans truth or dare by Otaku-hero
Teen Titans truth or dareby EJ
Starting, beast boy, Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, Jinx, Kid Flash, Aqualad, bumble bee, speedy, Terra, and me!
Time Will Tell by CatieKat225
Time Will Tellby CatieKat225
[Completed]Starfire is having some stomach issues and she soon finds out why. Slade comes back and Nightwing has become too obsessive. A fight causes Star to leave to c...
Teen Titan Tales of Extreme Insanity by anonymoushipper24
Teen Titan Tales of Extreme K.C.
Short, funny one-shots of the Teen Titans. Disclaimer: If I owned the Teen Titans, there would be Stankball's flying all over the Tower right now. I do not own the Teen...
Koriand'r & Dick Grayson: Short Stories by LyannaGray
Koriand'r & Dick Grayson: Short 「Lyanna Gray」
A series of short stories about Koriand'r & Dick Grayson also known as Starfire & Nightwing. Young Justice | Teen Titans: The Judas Contract | AU
Against All Odds by cherry56k
Against All Oddsby cherry56k
Richard Grayson, otherwise known as Dick Grayson, is the 16 year old adopted son, famous playboy, and heir of ... Kori Anders is a 16 year old girl
Teen Titans FanFic (15years later) by PandaDoll127
Teen Titans FanFic (15years later)by PandaDoll127
This is a Teen Titans Fan Fiction, the titans are no longer teens but haven't seen each other in 15 years. This is a mixture of a few stories I have read mainly a story...
Teen Titans Truth Or Dare [COMPLETED] ✔ But Can Continue by TeoNewRaven
Teen Titans Truth Or Dare [ Teo=Ray
This book is about Truth or Dares with the Teen Titans, with me as the host and them as my 'victims'. Let the book tell you the rest
Teen Titans Truth Or Dare! by Poppie12
Teen Titans Truth Or Dare!by Crimson Poppies
TT truth or Dare with a twist kind of? Susan would be proud of me.... (completed)
Together Forever ~Robstar~ ✔ by heyitsmary24
Together Forever ~Robstar~ ✔by Mary A. ❀
❝Robin....will you ever love someone?❞ ❝Of course, I love you. ❞ DON'T OWN THE TEEN TITANS!!! Copyright © 2014 heyitsmary24 all rights reserved
All loved up by strawberryblonde33
All loved upby strawberryblonde33
Richard/Robin is the new kid at school who has to hid his second identity "Robin" from anyone and everyone, one day he meets star and his whole world his turne...
The Rise of the Titans by RobStar246
The Rise of the Titansby RobStar246
Slade hasn't been seen in months and probably never will be and things change in the Titans Robin turned into Nightwing and Starfire turned into Kori and they broke up...
Six Years After (Teen Titans) by sweaterpawmukeaf
Six Years After (Teen Titans)by r.i.p alan rickman
Six years ago, the Teen Titans broke up from a nasty fight. Everyone split up, no one knew where anyone went. The Titans are scattered across the globe, some in trouble...
Robstar One-Shots by clickzlick
Robstar One-Shotsby dontkillme
"If you loved me, you could have told me." ROBSTAR ONESHOTS FOR SHIPPERS Requests are open :) Highest ranking: #5 in robstar
Alien (A Starfire and Robin Fanfiction) by BookN3rd88
Alien (A Starfire and Robin Ariana Black
Blackfire and Starfire don't exactly get along. But when she comes back to Earth being nice to Starfire, the Titans happily accept her. Starfire is the only one who sees...
What happens if she can't wait forever.... by bloom4489
What happens if she can't wait Emmy
"No one will ever take your place.... That's one promise I can keep..." " Thank you for being my hero...." I let out a sob and tried pulling myself t...