Chapter 5 - I'm Here With You

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Robin's POV

We saw Raven sitting on the couch, and Beastboy go to the front and insert the DVD...I think? We all sat on the couch.

Beastboy -- Cyborg -- Robin -- Starfire -- Raven (our sitting arrangement)

Cyborg turn off the lights. So, the movie begin. I like the story. We are seriously focus on the movie. Then Beastboy speak...

"I'm sorry dude." while his eyes on the screen.

"Why are you apologizing?" I ask, still watching the movie.

"I forgot the popcorn."

"That's what will happen when you are so excited." Cyborg said. No one of us dared to look at each other. "I'm hungry."

"Don't worry, we will eat after watching this movie." I said.

We continued watching and none of us talk. As the guy on the movie (I forgot his name) lay on his bed and we saw a ghost as he look at his right side

I feel someone touch my arm...

It's Starfire...

I don't know what to say. I just let her to touch my arm.

After some minutes, she removed her hand on my arm. I miss it already.

We are too serious on watching the movie when

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!" The ghost yelled as he look at the screen.

We are all suprised as our eyes widen and the ghost's face hit the wall and fell down on the floor.

At this time, we look at each other, Robin (me), Starfire, Beastboy and Cyborg look at each other and laughed.


After we laugh, we look at the screen again and...

The ghost suprised us a why-are-you-laughing as the guy laugh when it happen.

The guy run as fast as he could and he hide himself in a wall..and he look to his right side where he will know where is the ghost.

Then suddenly, the ghost stand in front of the guy. The guy look at his front and...the screen show the ghost's ugly face.

That makes Starfire hugged me...

And that makes me blush...

I hug her back and whisper to her

"Don't worry Star. It's just a movie."

She just nodded as an answer.

Don't be afraid Star.

I'm here with you. No matter what.

Author's Note

So here's the chapter 4. Hope you enjoy. I'll update soon.

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