Chapter 12 - I Love You

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Robin's POV

We are both staring at each other.
We are both blushing...

Do we have the same feelings?

I think..not.

Maybe her cheeks are turning red because of the weather..I think

I look at the ground.

Does she love me?

"R-Robin..." she called me. I look at her and she smiled.

 I look at her and she smiled

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"I love you too, Robin."

S-She loves me too?

We have the same feelings?

I don't know why I put my hands on her face and kissed her.

I'm so happy!

After we kiss, I hug her and she hug me back.

I look at her while holding her hands.

She's so beautiful. Inside and outside. I think that's the reason why many boys like her.

But, I'm different from them.

I love her.

I smile to her..gathering my courage to ask her..


"Yes Robin?" she asked while smiling at me. I think I'm melting here.

This is it!

This is my chance. No one must ruin this beautiful moment.

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

Author's Note

Hello! I'm baaack! I'm so sorry about my long update. Thank you for your wonderful comments and being loyal readers! I hope you like this one. Stay safe everyone! I love you all!

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