Author's Note!

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Hey guys! Yup, you read it right. I'm back again...but for a short time only.

Lemme get this straight.

I'm kinda dropping this story due to some personal reasons. We all know that life isn't easy as we thought. And it never was.

You gave trust, you've been betrayed.

You gave love, you received pain.

Or worse...

You gave everything and yet you received nothing.

That's the sad reality we called "life".

And pretending we were okay is the one of the bravest thing that we had done.

Despite of all what happened, life goes on. We must keep on going and be a better version of ourselves.

Up until now, I don't have the inspiration to continue this story after of all what happened in the previous months. I might update in the future if I got some. Also, school is coming on my way so imma say hello to another exhausting school year.

Hope you guys understand :) you have no idea how I tried so bad to continue this story but I ended up with nothing. I'm so sorry for those who keep on waiting for the next update. I didn't mean to :<

And super duper thank you for those who are still reading and voting this story. For those who added this story to their reading list, thank you! I really appreciate it (≧◡≦) ♡

I'll update you guys in the future! This story is not finished yet so don't worry.

I'll be back soon!

For your information:

1. I can't make Teen Titans fanfic requests for now since a lot of things have been running in my mind lately and it's driving me crazy af.

2. I can answer questions if you have some. Tbh, idk why but I love entertaining questions. You can ask me here or through my curiouscat account. Here's the link:
Note: I might post Q&A chapter on this story.

3. I can also give some advices. I'd love to help! But of course I would respect your decision if you choose not to follow my advice.

I might take some time to reply since I'm not always online.

That's all! Again, thank you so much and I'm sorry. Spreading love to all of you ( ´ ∀ ')ノ~ ♡

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