Chapter 9 - Past

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Robin's POV

I'm already on my room, sitting on my bed. I can't sleep. The memories and moments we made together. I'm so happy about it.

Then I decided to walk on our hallway so that I can sleep. I think its 5:45 AM.

While I'm walking, I heard someone crying and I'm infront of Star's room.

I  knock on her door and asked her, "Star, are you okay?" I heard some footsteps then she open her door.

She smiled at me and said, "Yes Robin, I am the okay." I know that she's lying. She's not good at that.

And it's obvious that she's pretending that she is happy when she's not. Her cheeks are wet and she have a fake smile on her face.

"Is there any problem?" I asked her.

"No. There is no problem at all."

"Star, just tell me whatever it is. I'm here for you."

Then she began to cry..she's still beautiful even she's crying.

"Can I tell it to you inside my r-room?" she asked me.

"Sure." I said then I entered her room.

"What's the problem Star?"

"When we have a d-date a while ago, we do make happy me-memories and..I d-do remember my family..I miss them so m-much."

After she told her problem, I don't know why I hug her. For now, I just her to stop crying and be happy.

She don't deserve to be sad.

She continue crying on my shoulders while hugging me while I hug her tight.

"A-and now..I-I am the alone." she said in her sad voice.

"No, you're not." I said. "I'm always here for you."

I think she wiped her tears and hug me again.

"Thank you Robin." she said. "Thank you for being always at my side."

Then she kiss my cheek, smiled at me and said, "Good morning. Thank you for making my morning the good."

"Your always welcome Star." I said while smiling. It's good to her smiling again and I think I'm blushing.

When she's sad, I'm sad.
When shs's happy, I'm happy too.

I'll do everything just to make her happy. It's because..

I love you, Star.

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