Chapter 15 - Oh no..

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Robin's POV


Cyborg go to the door and get our pizza...of course he paid for it. Then while I'm calling Beastboy, Raven and Starfire..I notice something.

When I call Beastboy and Raven that the pizza is here..they answered in reply.


But when I call Starfire..

No response.

I don't know why so I enter her room and she's not there so I go to the kitchen if she is already there. I go upstairs to check if she's there. I go to our bathroom. I check everywhere in this tower.



I started to panic. What happen? She is just in the living room a while ago. I check our CCTV in the monitor...I ask them for help. We are finding Starfire. We decided to go outside to find her.

After 5 hours..

We didn't see Starfire. I don't know where she is. It's impossible that she leave us without saying goodbye. Her things are still in her room.

As we go to the living room to take a rest, I told Beastboy, Cyborg and Raven that I'll go to my room.

When I sit on my bed, I started to cry. I think..

I'm a bad boyfriend.

This is all my fault why she is missing.

I remember our memories...I can't really live without her.

I'll fight for her.

I won't give up.

I love you, Star.

Starfire's POV

I do the open of my eyes. I do saw blood everywhere. I do the looking in my arms and in my is the blood. I do feel weak. I started to cry.

Where am I?

What happen?


Save me..

Author's Note

Hello guys! I'm sorry for the long update. I hope you like this one. I'm busy in school so I'll try my best to update. Stay safe! Iloveyou all!

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