13. Bloody Mary ::2::

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We excused ourselves and walked back towards the house. I needed to take a look at that bathroom before we left. There was something very odd about Mr. Shoemaker’s death… besides the fact that he was killed by Bloody Mary. The biggest question of course is why did she do it if he wasn’t the one who called her name?

Making sure no one was looking, we quietly headed up the steps. I led the way to the bathroom and opened the door, my eyes instantly going to the floor. There was dried up blood in the cracks of the tiled white floor.

"That's just wrong."

Sam walked into the bathroom, his eyes on the dried up blood as well. "The Bloody Mary legend - Dad ever find any evidence that it was a real thing?" Sam questioned, turning to Dean.

"Not that I know of." Dean passed Sam, entering the bathroom. Sam crouched to the floor and touched the dried blood.

"I mean, everywhere else all over the country, kids will play Bloody Mary, and as far as we know, no one dies from it."

"Yeah well maybe everywhere it's just a story but here it's actually happening." Dean inquired.

"The place where the legend began?" Sam asked looking up at Dean. He shrugged his shoulders.

"Nope, this isn’t where it began but according to the legend, the person who says –" I stopped when Dean opened the medicine cabinet to inspect it. The mirror was now in front of me. Putting my hand on the mirror, I slammed it shut giving Dean an annoyed looked. He looked from the mirror to me before the look of realization crossed his face. "The person, who says you know what, gets it. But here -"

"Shoemaker gets it instead, yeah." Dean finished for me.


"Why would she be here if this isn’t the place where she originated from? I mean, most ghosts stay where they died." Sam pondered.

"Well, it’s probably not the place. Ghosts’ are also attached to old possessions. Maybe something of Mary’s is here in the town.” People always leave there mark on something. Maybe something they always wore live gloves or a necklace and sometimes when people are murdered and the weapons are not properly disposed of, they are still connected to them.

Before either one of them could voice out their opinion to that statement, the sudden sound of footsteps echoed out to us. Someone was coming. Quickly putting everything back into its order, we stepped out of the bathroom and come face to face with Charlie.

"What are you doing up here?" Charlie asked her eyebrows knitting together, eyeing us suspiciously.

"We – we, had to go to the bathroom." Dean lied quickly. I face palmed, giving Dean a very dry look.

Charlie glared at Dean before looking at me. "Who are you guys?" Charlie asked. I averted my eyes, giving Dean a look to handle this. Hopefully he won’t come up with anymore horrible lies.

"Like we said downstairs, we worked with Donnas’ dad." Dean said calmly.

"He was a day trader or something, he worked by himself." Charlie said. I sighed inwardly. Next time, they really need to do back ground checks on people so their lies can actually stick.

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