10. Phantom Traveler ::3::

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Once we reached the airport we ran in and checked over the flight schedules

"Right there." Sam pointed to one of the screens. "They're boarding in thirty minutes."

"Okay. We still have some cards to play. We need to find a phone." We weaved through the crowds, Dean leading the way. We reached the white courtesy phone and Dean picked it up.

"Hi. Gate 13 – I'm trying to contact an Amanda Walker. She's a flight attendant on Flight, um…" Dean looked over at us.

"424." Sam answered.

"Flight 424."

A woman's voice echoed through the terminal. "Amanda Walker, Amanda Walker. You have a phone call at the white courtesy phone, Gate 13."

"Come on…" Dean mumbled impatiently. I moved closer to him and tugged the phone away from his ear a little bit so I could listen in. Dean gave me an annoyed look but I just ignored him. A little 'click' sounded from the other line.

"This is Amanda Walker." Boy did she sound cheery…

"Miss Walker. Hi, this is Dr. James Headfield from St. Francis Memorial Hospital. We have a Karen Walker here."

"Karen?" Amanda asked confused.

"Nothing serious - just a minor car accident. But she was injured, so-"

"Wait, that's impossible. I just got off the phone with her." Amanda said confused.

"You what?" Dean said awkwardly. I rolled my eyes and let the phone go but still tuned in.

"Five minutes ago. She's at her house, cramming for a final. Who is this?" Amanda demanded.

"Uh, well….there must be some mistake." Dean said and uneasy laugh coming out.

"And how would you even know I was here?" She asked before pausing. "Is this one of Vince's friends?"

"Guilty as charged." Dean chuckled. I raised an eyebrow at him and he just shrugged.

"Wow. This is unbelievable."

"He's really sorry." Dean said.

"Well, you tell him to mind his own business and stay out of my life, okay?" Amanda said a little annoyed.

"Yes, but he really needs to see you tonight, so—" Dean tried but Amanda didn't want to hear him.

"No, I'm sorry. It's too late."

"Don't be like that. Come on, the guy's a mess, really…it's pathetic." I laughed silently at Dean's uncomfortable face.

"Really?" Amanda asked sadly.

"Oh, yeah."

Amanda didn't say anything for a moment, thinking it over. "Look, I've gotta go. Tell him to call me when I land."

"No, no, wait, Amanda." Amanda hung up. "Amanda?"

Dean hung up the phone and let out a short frustrated sigh. "Damn it! So close."

"All right, it's time for Plan B." We looked over at Sam. "We're getting on that plane."

"Now, just hold on a second." Dean said.

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