1. Lovely Night

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Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural. Only Lacy.

Wendigos. They are annoying as hell. Why did people become psychos and start eating each other? Seriously, it’s just gross! I cursed all wendigos as I walked through the woods not caring if anything or anyone heard me. The sooner I found it the better. I shouldn’t even be out here in the dark! The longer I’m out here the more I’m putting myself in danger. Fortunately for me though, there was a full moon and it was shining brightly through the trees. I felt a little more safe.

I looked around at the trees searching for any signs. Where the hell was this thing? I pulled my leather jacket tighter around me and hugged myself. Why was it always so cold in forests? I guess it didn't help due to the fact that I'm wearing a black tank top with jeans that have random holes in them. But at least my feet were warm thanks to my knee high boots. They are sometimes difficult to walk in but they do a lot of damage.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw an orange light. I turned my head and saw a fire place about a yard away. 'Well, great…' Now not only did I have to get rid of this wendigo, I have to make sure these people are safe. But then again, this is what I do. I keep people safe from what really lurks out there at night. Kinda cheesy but it's true.

I sighed as I leaned against one of the trees a little annoyed. 'All I want to do is get rid of the wendigo and get out of this darkness. Damn hikers.' I teleported a back pack into my hand with all of the camping essentials. Looking down at my clothes, I changed my leather jacket into a black sweater, changed my jeans in black skinny jeans and changed my knee high boots into hiking boots. Hey, if I was going to show myself I couldn't look too suspicious.

I made my way towards them, my eyes scanning the trees. The only movement I saw was that of the animals and from the vibe I was getting it didn't seem like the wendigo was going to come anytime soon. I sighed and turned my attention back to the little group, my eyes flashing silver.

"It's dinner time Mr. Wendigo."

I hid behind one of the trees when I was only a few feet away. My blood red eyes turned to their actual original color, blue. Can't protect them if they're freaked out by my eyes. 'Here we go.' I stepped out from behind the trees into the clearing. I saw that there were four people: three men, one being a teenager, and one woman. The teenager was the first to notice me; the others turning to see what he was staring at. I smiled at them and waved.

"Hey, didn't think I would bump into people out here so late."

The taller man got an alarmed look on his face while the shorter one cursed. What’s got them all stressed out? I stopped next to the fire pit and stuffed my hands into my pockets, smiling at them. For some reason those two look very familiar.

"Uh, should you be here this late and alone?" The taller one asked.

I shrugged. “I like to hike at night.” Lie. “My friends are big babies so most of the time I come alone anyway.” Taller man looked over at the shorter one before turning back to me.

"Well, uh, why don't you stay with us? We wouldn't mind having more company." I looked over at the shorter one, getting a feeling of annoyance from him. I shrugged again.

“Sure.” I dropped my bag down by one of the logs and sat on it.

"What's your name?" I looked over at the shorter man as he walked over to me. Who the hell is he? This was really going to bother me.

“My name is Lacy. And yours?”

He sat down next to me rubbing his hands together. “My name is Dean, that’s my brother Sam,” the taller man waved at me. Dean and Sam? Hmm I wonder... I tuned my attention back to Dean. “That’s Hailey and her brother Ben.”

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