21. Hook Man ::2::

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Usually I’m pretty good at guessing what some things are considering that I’m everything in the world but this attack stumped me. I was in no mood to be doing any research so Sam and Dean were going to do all the work. We walked into the library going over what Lori said.

 "So you believe her?" Dean asked Sam.

 "I do." Sam replied looking through books.

 "Yeah, I think she's hot, too." I gave Dean an annoyed look and he gave me a sarcastic smile. How I grew a crush on this man whore is a complete mystery. Yes, I’ve finally admitted I have feelings for the big goof. It actually feels kind of nice and oddly it feels different from the last time.

 "No, man, there's something in her eyes.” I heard Sam say, snapping me out of my thoughts, “And listen to this: she heard scratching on the roof. Found the bloody body suspended upside down over the car."

 Dean turned to Sam, "Wait, the body suspended? That sounds like the-"

 "Yeah, I know, the Hook Man legend."

 Huh? "The who legend?" There are far too many legends to keep up with being alive for so long so occasionally I do miss a few.

 "The Hook Man. That's one of the most famous urban legends ever." Dean supplied before turning back to Sam. "You don't think that we're dealing with the Hook Man, do you?"

 Sam shrugged, "Every urban legend has a source. A place where it all began."

 "Yeah, but what about the phantom scratches and the tire punctures and the invisible killer?" Sindy asked.

 "That would actually explain what happened to me. I mean, if it was some kind of knife in my throat he wouldn't have been able to suspend me in the air by my throat with out slicing me in two." I supplied nodding to myself. "But that still doesn't really explain why I couldn't see him."

 "Well, maybe the Hook Man isn't a man at all. What if it's some kind of spirit?"


Sam and Dean came up empty in their search so we hunted down a librarian for help. Thankfully she was able to help and places a couple of big boxes in front of us. Damn, I really didn’t want to look through that.

"Here you go. Arrest records going back to 1851." Dean blew some dust off a box and coughed. I waved some of the dust away and smacked Dean’s arm.

"Thanks." Dean said.

"Ok." The librarian nodded at us and walked away.

 "So, this is how you spent four good years of your life, huh?" Dean joked to Sam.

 "Welcome to higher education." Yay, research.

After hours of searching Sam finally found something. In1862, a preacher named Jacob Karns was arrested for murder. He was so angry over the red light district in town that one night he killed 13 prostitutes. Some of them were found in their beds, sheets soaked with blood. Others were suspended upside down from the limbs of trees as a warning against sins of the flesh. The preacher lost his hand in an accident and had it replaced with a silver hook. And it happened all at one place: 9 Mile Road.


The boys wanted to head over to 9 Mile Road but I had a very strong feeling that something was going to go wrong tonight. I wasn’t sure exactly what would go wrong and voicing my opinion on that would not change their mind. I told them I still wasn’t feeling well from my last attack there and stayed back. Sindy wanted to stay but I forced her to go with them because I was honestly not up to being alone with her just yet. Sighing I turned on my Zune and put on some music to help me relax as I lay in bed. The boys have been doing just fine before they met me and they will be just fine now. Well, there is the fact that Sindy is with them now… damn it.

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