6. Dead In the Water ::3::

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We got back on the road on our way to Bill's house. The feeling was getting worse than before. I tuned in on the conversation Sam and Dean were having.

"Okay this little boy, Peter Sweeney, vanishes, and this is all connected to Bill Carlton somehow." Sam said.

"Yeah, Bill sure as hell seems to be hiding something." Dean said.

“And Bill – The people he loves – Are all getting punished.” I said resting my head on my folded hands.

"So what if Bill did something to Peter?" Dean asked.

“Maybe…” I didn't finish it. My mind went blank and I slumped back. But I didn't notice. All I could focus on was the voice whispering in my head.

"You've taken everything, everyone. I've got nothing left. I didn't understand. I didn't believe. Now I think I do. I think I finally know what you want."

'That sounds like… Bill!' I blinked a few times, and jerked forward.

“Bill is going to do something! Sorry for this Dean but you’ll get over it.” I placed my hands on the seat in front of me and before Dean could ask I teleported all of us and the car in front of the Carlson house. I cut off the engine and bolted out of the car.

“Hey!” Dean yelled but I didn’t stop.

I skidded around the corner of the house, Dean and Sam behind me, just in time to see Bill out on the lake in a boat. We ran towards the dock yelling for him to come back.

"Mister Carlton! You need to come back!"

"Come out of the water!"

"Turn the boat around!"

But it was too late. Seconds later a huge wave appeared swallowing Bill and his boat. 'No!' I ran off the dock and dived into the water. I saw the trail of bubbles and shot towards it like a bullet. I saw Bill's boat just as it disappeared into the darkness of the lake. I swam faster but I didn’t get there in time. There was nothing at the bottom except for sand. 'Damn it!' I sighed and swam back to the surface.

I dried off and changed into a pair of comfy jeans and black shirt with the System Of A Down logo on it with my converses. We were back at the sheriff's office reporting what happened to Bill. We all turned around when someone walked up behind us.

"Sam, Dean, Lacy, I didn't expect to see you here." Andrea said nodding to us.

"So now you're on a first-name basis." Jack joked but we could tell he was serious. "What are you doing here?" He walked around his desk.

"I brought you dinner." She said handing him a paper bag. He shook his head not taking the bag.

"I'm sorry sweetheart; I don't really have the time." Andrea nodded and followed us as we made our way to the exit.

"I heard about Bill Carlton, is it true? Is something going on with the lake?" Andrea asked.

"Right now we don't know what the truth is. But I think it might be better if you and Lucas went on home." Jack said.

But it didn't sound like Lucas wanted to go home. He whimpered softly and grabbed my arm. I looked at him confused before crouching down.

"Lucas, hey, what is it?"

"Lucas." Dean and Andrea said at the same time.

"Lucas, it's okay. It's okay." I rubbed Lucas' back comfortingly before giving him a soft push towards Andrea. Andrea took Lucas and led him outside. I stood back up when Jack sighed.

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