14. Bloody Mary ::3::

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We were all huddled in the bathroom in Donna's house. With it being only Sam, Dean and I in the bathroom, I took down the mirror and flipped it over, waving my hand over the back. Another hand print and a name appeared but the name that was on there was definitely one that we weren't expecting. I sighed setting the mirror on the sink before looking up at them. "Linda Shoemaker."

He killed his own wife.

Now of course we weren’t going to tell Donna that it’s a possibility that her father killed her mother but we were going to have to make sure. I stayed a step behind Dean and Sam as we walked back down stairs where Donna and Charlie were waiting. Keeping my mouth shut again, Dean asked if Linda Shoemaker was Donna’s mother. At the sound of Linda’s name, Donna went stiff. She looked at each of us with suspicion in her eyes.

"Why are you asking me this?" Donna asked.

"Look, we're sorry, but it's important." Sam said patiently.

"Yeah. Linda's my mom okay? She overdosed on sleeping pills, it was an accident, and that's it." Donna gave us a look. "I think you should leave."

"Now Donna, just listen." Dean said.

"Get out of my house!" Donna yelled and ran upstairs.

Charlie turned to us with a shocked face. "Oh my God. Do you really think her dad could've killed her mom?"

"Maybe." I answered shrugging a bit. He most likely did but I didn’t want to put thoughts into her head but Charlie still got a frightened look on her face.

"I think I should stick around." She said.

Sam nodded his head. "All right. Whatever you do, don't -"

Charlie cut him off. "Believe me, I won't say it."

We were back at the hotel where Dean and Sam started up their research again. The buzzing feeling from Dean’s blood finally went away but now I felt very dizzy. What the hell was going on? Is this a side effect from his blood? No, this felt different. This had nothing to do with Dean’s blood. I suddenly felt tired and weak so I laid down on the bed. I just had fresh blood, there’s no way it could be failing me now.

"Wait, wait, wait, you're doing a nationwide search?" Sam asked.

"Yep. The NCIC, the FBI database—at this point any Mary who died in front of a mirror is good enough for me." Dean said typing something in. The clicking of the laptop keys sounded loud in my ears giving me a head ache. 'What the hell?'

"But if she's haunting the town, she should have died in the town." My eyes started to hurt from keeping them open. I shut them tight for a few seconds before opening them again. They still hurt; the light not making them feel any better.

"We already know that there’s nothing local. So unless you got a better idea -"

Sam cut Dean off. "The way Mary's choosing her victims, it seems like there's a pattern."

"I know, I was thinking the same thing." Dean agreed.

I shut my eyes tight again to stop the stinging sensation but found it hard to open my eyes. I couldn't hear Sam or Dean anymore. 'What's happening?' I couldn't fight my body's crave for sleep and seconds later a blanket of darkness was pulled over me.

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