7. Dead In the Water ::4::

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"Who are you?" I whipped around to see Jake standing there with his gun aimed at me. All of these guns are really starting to annoy me…

"Put the gun down, Jake." Sam said holding his hands up.

Jake glanced from the bike and then back to me. "How did you know that was there?" We all backed away from the bike, Jake following us with his gun.

"What happened – You and Bill killed Peter, drowned him in the lake and then buried the bike? You can't bury the truth, Jake. Nothing stays buried." Dean said.

I saw Andrea come out of her house with Lucas beside her. She turned to Lucas and told him to go back inside and closed the door behind him.

"I don't know what the hell you're talking about." Jake said tightening his grip on his gun.

"You and Bill killed Peter Sweeney 35 years ago. That's what the hell I'm talking about." Andrea came running up to us.


"And now you got one seriously pissed off spirit." I said glancing at Andrea before looking back at him.

"It's gonna take Andrea, Lucas, everyone you love. It's gonna drown them. And it's gonna drag their bodies God knows where, so you can feel the same pain Peter's mom felt. And then, after that, it's gonna take you, and it's not gonna stop until it does." Sam said.

"Yeah, and how do you know that?" Jake snarled.

Dean took a step forward. "Because that's exactly what it did to Bill Carlton."

"Listen to yourselves, the three of you. You're insane." Jake started to shake a little, not wanting to believe what we were saying was true.

"I don't really give a rat's ass what you think of us. But if we're gonna bring down this spirit, we need to find the remains, salt them, and burn them into dust. Now tell me you buried Peter somewhere. Tell me you didn't just let him go in the lake." Dean said but I barely heard him. A cold shiver went up my spine making me look back at the lake.

"Come play with me."

'What was that?' I silently stepped away from them and headed to the lake.

Dean & Sam

"Dad, is any of this true?" Andrea asked looking at him with shock in her eyes.

Jake put his gun down a little and looked at her.

"No. Don't listen to them, they're liars and they're dangerous." He looked back at Dean and Sam.

"Something tried to drown me. Chris died on that lake. Dad, look at me." He shifted his eyes over to her. "Tell me you – you didn't kill anyone." Jake looked away breathing heavily and put down his gun. "Oh my God." She gasped, stepping back.

Jake gazed at the lake as he thought back to that day. "Billy and I were at the lake. Peter was the smallest one. We always bullied him, but this time… it got rough. We were holding his head under the water, we didn't mean to. But we held him under too long and he drowned. We let the body go, and it sank." Andrea looked at her father horrified. "Oh Andrea, we were kids. We were so scared. It was a mistake. But, Andrea, to say that I have anything to do with these drownings, with Chris, because of some ghost… it's not rational." Jake shook his head, trying his hardest not to believe it but he knew what was happening was true.

"All right listen to me, all of you. We need to get you away from this lake as far as we can right now." Dean said. "Now, Lacy –" Dean stopped when he saw I wasn't beside him anymore. He glanced around before turning to Sam. "Where the hell did she go?"


'Where is it coming from?' I was on the other side of the lake, where the voice was coming from but nothing was there.

"Lucas!" I heard someone yell. 'No!'

I jerked my head towards the dock to see Lucas on the dock reaching for something. "No!" I raced towards the dock and saw that everyone else was almost there too.

"Come play with me." The voice was coming from behind me but it wasn't going to work this time.


"Lucas! Baby stay where you are!"

But it was too late. A blue hand came up and pulled Lucas into the water. I shot up from the ground and plunged into the lake. I broke the surface of the water, bubbles all around me. I spun around clearing them away. I looked down and saw Lucas still being pulled down to the bottom, reaching out for me.

I shot down through the water but it was too late. I yelled in frustration, the water muffling the sound. I swam up to the surface when I saw two figures jump into the water. I broke through the surface and saw that it was Dean and Sam.

"Did you see him?" Dean asked.

"Yea but I got there too late. I'm gonna try again." I went under again and made my way to the spot where I last saw Lucas. But it looked like Peter had other plans for me.

I felt something wrap around my ankles, snaking its way up my leg. Looking down I saw that it was seaweed. More of it wrapped around my wrists yanking me down further. I tugged at them but no matter how many snapped more just kept coming.

"Peter, if you can hear me. Please Peter, I'm sorry. I'm so – I'm so sorry."

I stopped and jerked my head up, not caring that the seaweed was wrapping around me even faster. 'That sounded like Jake.'

"Peter. Lucas – He's just a little boy. Please, it's not his fault, it's mine. Please take me."

I saw a figure swim up to the surface and head towards Jake. 'No!' Blades emitted from my skin, cutting all of the seaweed but more just came up. I spun around and tried to swim up but Jake was already gone. The seaweed fell away when I felt something bump into me. I looked down.


We were back at the hotel as we packed our things into the car. I leaned against the car as Andrea and Lucas headed towards us.

"Sam, Dean, Lacy." I nodded towards her and gave Lucas a smile.

"Hey." Dean said. ‘Please don’t start flirting again…’

"We're glad we caught you. We just um, we made you lunch for the road." Andrea said pointing to the tray Lucas was carrying. "Lucas insisted on making the sandwiches himself."

"Can I give it to them now?" Lucas asked. Yup, he was talking again. I smiled at him as I walked over to the backseat.

Andrea smiled and kissed Lucas' forehead. "Of course."

"Come on Lucas; let's load this into the car." Dean said.

"All right," I looked up when Dean and Lucas walked up next to me. I took the tray from Lucas. "If you're gonna be talking now, this is a very important phrase, so I want you to repeat it one more time." Dean said.

'Oh god, what did he tell him?' "Zeppelin rules!" I laughed making the both of them look at me. I put the tray in the back seat of the car.

"That's right. Up high." Dean held his hand up and Lucas gave him a high five. "You take care of your mom, okay?"

"Alright." Lucas said.

I closed the door and walked around to the other side to see Andrea come up to us and kiss Dean. I rubbed my neck a bit uncomfortable and looked the other way. I hated it when people kissed each other in front of me. It's just awkward.

"Thank you." Andrea said as Dean thought about the kiss for a moment. I snorted quietly as Dean scratched his head and then got in his car. I got in the car as Dean started it up.

"Sam, move your ass. We're gonna run out of daylight before we hit the road."

I waved to Andrea and Lucas as we drove off.

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