9. Phantom Traveler ::2::

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Holy crap.... It's been forever hasn't it? x.x Sorry about the wait been so busy with work, sorority, trouble with my mom and other stuff :/ but I lost my internet for a few days and was able to get back into my writing flow! Almost finished with the next two parts but here's number 2! Hope you enjoy it and don't kill me x3

The man that Max was talking about, George Phelps, was not too hard to find. Since we were really close I didn’t have to use that much energy to find his home. Dean pulled up in front of the house and killed the engine as me and Sam got out of the car. Dean closed his door and walked around to our side, staring at the house the whole time.

"Hmm. Man, I don't care how strong you are. Even yoked up on PCP or somethin', no way you can open up an emergency door during a flight." Dean said.

"Not if you're human. But maybe this guy, George, was somethin' else - a creature maybe, in human form?" Sam said, shrugging.

"That look like a creature's lair to you?" Dean asked gesturing towards the house.

I snorted. “Can’t base a creature off of where they live. I’d be living in a freakin pink castle if it got hunters and demons off of my back.”

I walked up to the Phelps house, Sam and Dean behind me. A woman, George’s wife, let us in and allowed us to ask her a few questions. Sam sat on the couch across from her. I walked around her living room just looking at things to see anything out of the ordinary. This phantom traveler could've been here a bit longer. But I highly doubt it would wait until George had to go fly.

"This is your late husband?" Sam asked gesturing to the picture in his hand.

Mrs. Phelps smiled sadly. "Yes, that was my George."

"And you said he was a… dentist?" Dean asked from his spot by the book case.

"Mm-hmm. He was headed to a convention in Denver. Do you know that he was petrified to fly? For him to go like that…." She trailed off, about to cry.

"How long were you married?" I asked changing the subject.

She smiled a bit dreamily. "Thirteen years." I smiled. It must be really nice to feel love like that.

"In all that time, did you ever notice anything…. strange about him-anything out of the ordinary?" Sam asked.

Mrs. Phelps paused, thinking back to something. "Well… uh, he had acid reflux, if that's what you mean."

We quickly finished up with Mrs. Phelps and headed back to the car.

"I mean, it goes without saying. It just doesn't make any sense." Sam said.

"Yeah, a middle-aged dentist with an ulcer is not exactly evil personified.” Dean inquired.

“Well phantom travelers aren’t picky about their victims.” I said getting in the middle of Dean and Sam.

“You know, what we need to do is get inside that NTSB warehouse, check out the wreckage." Dean decided starting up the car.

"Then let's go." Dean and Sam shared a look. “What? Did you guys forget that I can teleport?”

I rolled my eyes and put my hands on their shoulders, teleporting them into the warehouse. But I did forget that we were sitting so when we got there we fell to the ground. I pushed myself up giving them a sheepish look. “Oops…”

Dean just gave me a look and pushed me over, helping himself up. I glared at his back and huffed pushing myself up. Glanced around at the parts of the plane I let out a low whistle. 'That was some crash.' There was pieces of the plane everywhere. The only part that even looked somewhat intact was the front.

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